Daily wonderful smell of man raped his daughter for two years and feed their own drugs

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Daily wonderful smell of man raped his daughter for two years and feed their own drugs

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Burt Emma, a 19 year old British girl, chose to tell the truth.

Emma and her son

According to the British "Daily Mirror" reported that from the age of 15 he moved to Christopher Wayne Edwards and his father began to live, in two years time, Edwards every day of raping his daughter Emma, even to the feeding of drugs, until Emma coma. Finally, 40 year old Edwards was sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape.


According to Emma, 15 years old, she had a quarrel with his own mother, and his father moved to Edwards live two years since the beginning of the nightmare of life. She said, my father often while he was asleep or almost asleep near her, feed her marijuana and other drugs of all kinds, while after Emma in an illusion, and their sexual relationship, and took indecent photos.

Emma and her father

Even once, Edwards called Emma directly to his "wife"".

Emma's father

Unbearable torture of Emma once addicted to drugs, hoping to ignore the humiliation suffered in life. Long term drug use led to her mental state is getting worse, there was once almost jumping off the bridge to commit suicide.

Emma and her father

17 years old that year, at a family reunion, Emma once again out of control, her family immediately alarm. Edwards's crime was The case is entirely cleared. Until recently, Emma finally chose to bravely stand up and tell everyone what she suffered, she said, hoping to use their own experience to remind other girls, when the damage must be brave to stand up.

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