Tiananmen Square National Day flower bed today!

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Tiananmen Square National Day flower bed today!

2016-09-25 19:02:30 573 ℃

Seeing that the National Day is coming, the good news is that you must tell you right now! Today, the Tiananmen square flowers are all ready, with the highest value to meet your arrival!

Full flower beds during the national day will usher in the best viewing period, the flower bed will continue until the middle of October. It is reported that in 2016 the city's key areas of three-dimensional flower beds were placed about 15000000, the use of a variety of flowers more than and 200 basin.

In order to avoid the last weekend of the Beijing marathon, Tiananmen square showing the 33 year history of usher in "the latest construction season, but only a short period of 8 days, 17 meters high, 50 meters wide" big basket "has turned out. "Bless the motherland" flower beds yesterday morning in three cars with the help of a crane hoisting success, yesterday morning the big basket Zhenrong square, a festive and peaceful atmosphere, a lot of tourists around the basket early adopters of photography.

In 300 the multipod big basket cutting simulation flower basket, with the blessing of the motherland "and" celebrate "and used 1949 to 2016, the expression of good wishes to the motherland. In addition, the people's Heroes Monument to the north and west sides, for the first time today arranged group of words flower bed: "don't forget the heart" and "go", the whole flower Canruo glow of great momentum.

This evening, workers will be on the square night lighting debugging. In order to enhance the night watching effect, in 2016, all styles of Tiananmen square will be the first comprehensive use of laser projection technology. The flower beds will be installed around the adjustable transform lights by changing the lighting effects, make the basket more abundant night effect.

Jianguomen to Dongdan, Xidan to the revival of the door of the 5 three-dimensional flower beds have been completed last night. All flower beds are using 3D print this year. The location of each flower is more precise, more precise patterns, patterns are more realistic. World Horticultural Exposition has just released the mascot "small adorable baby", "small adorable flower" has appeared in the northeast corner of Dongdan theme flower beds. Dongdan southeast corner of the "Silk Road" Golden Bridge "flower Zhaozhou Bridge" king of the bridge 28 meters long, 6 meters high, with 20 thousand pieces of artificial amber BRIC built, is strong enough to run the car on the bridge, the inlaid "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 80 National flower. Fuxingmennei northeast corner of the long march to the theme of flower food stop, flower beds inlaid with Mao Zedong poem "Qilu Long March" · full text, many people around the bed reading poetry.

The landscape layout of the two ring road, River Road, Lin Shi Road, Majiabao, West Street and other important contact line and park, square, overpass node yesterday in finishing engineering.

26 beds 11 municipal parks yesterday have all completed before the debut, the park residents increased significantly, to National Day zaduier citizens of these two days can advance to the park to take a photo.

With the "big basket" with tips from 30 to 35 meters the most photographed

The construction unit of Beijing flowers company said square flower at the beginning of design with respect to the Tiananmen square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the surrounding buildings collocation, in accordance with the effect, standing in the bed before 30 meters to 35 meters to take the best position.

In addition, 2016 square and Chang'an Avenue put, the first use of the 13 self cultivation of "Beijing chrysanthemum", combined with the latest introduction of the "garden of angels" and "Popsicle", "Green Lantern" and other international best flower species. These seasonal flowers long flowering period, rich colors and bright, let the flower is not only beautiful and bright, but also can reduce the amount of replacement, the natural flowers, thrift. You can also look at the close, the new breed of "Beijing chrysanthemum" and our Beijing's "old chrysanthemum" difference.

From 1986 Tiananmen square for the first time to put the National Day flower bed to this day, has been a full 30 years now. These 30 years, the Tiananmen square, the center of the flower bed which has the classic shape?

Classic style: the big basket

Frequency: 5 times

In 2009 this year, 7 years of big basket 5 times in Tiananmen square! Why so popular basket shape? The design department said, to the motherland flowers, itself contains a blessing. Also, the other a happy flowers blooming like a piece of brocade flower basket, in line with the traditional aesthetic concept of Chinese. From the actual display effect, to see whether it is near and far, big basket shapes are quite lovable and beautiful.

In 2009 to celebrate the big basket. This is a large basket shape debut in Tiananmen square. The basket covers an area of 1200 square meters, 40 meters in diameter, consisting of a giant basket and Ruyi shaped flower basket top 14.9 meters high, with 100 thousand pots of flowers decorated.

In 2012 the "blessing the motherland" big basket. Flower diameter of 50 meters, 15 meters high roof, with red and yellow flowers surround the main flowers composed of auspicious clouds pattern.

In 2013 the "blessing the motherland" flower basket. This flower basket shape was inspired by a painting of the Qing dynasty. The basket color is red, with gold painted pieces of bamboo basket decorated with peony, peony, lily, peach fruit "a riot of colours". The whole flower bed is 50 meters in diameter.

In 2014 the "blessing the motherland" big basket. Flower basket blue disc diameter of 50 meters, diameter of 15 meters, 15 meters high roof. Basket "Peony", "Magnolia", "Lotus", "Rose" squid. The giant squid is a flower, 3.2 meters in diameter, weighing more than and 300 kg.

In 2015 the "blessing the motherland" big basket. The basket basket is inserted in the king, peony, Magnolia, roses and other flowers, symbolizing peace auspicious, harmonious and happy.

Classic two: "million people united as one man"

Frequency: 22 times

More than the classic "big basket" the other is "million people united as one man". From the Tiananmen in 1986 for the first time put Mosaiculture until 2007, "the other million people united as one man for 22 years"! Flower is five pie or round, stands in the center square is the symbol of national unity.

From 1992 onwards, the central flower bed to increase the large-scale fountain facilities. From 2005 onwards, to enable the full three-dimensional lighting system at night, look more bright.

1986, Tiananmen square for the first time put stereo flower bed.




In 1992, Tiananmen square put the first application of large fountain.




Classic three: Lantern

Frequency: 2 times

Since 2008, the lantern shape has appeared in Tiananmen square for the two time. A gorgeous palace lantern, is a traditional red lanterns, showing strong wind Chinese.

In 2008 a large palace lantern shape flower lantern high 9.9 meters, surrounded by red, yellow and white flowers, composed of auspicious clouds pattern.

2011 red lantern shaped flower bed. Lantern 15 meters high, above the traditional Chinese knot set. The lantern is composed of flowers and auspicious clouds pattern, foil lanterns, add festive.

Classic shape four: giant Peony

Frequency: 1 times

In 2010, the main flower is a flower diameter of 50 meters of the giant peony, with "energy-saving" as the theme, meaning the motherland rich, strong and prosperous China and Thailand, national security.

Other: Olympic theme flower bed

Year: 2008

In the 30 year history of the Tiananmen square put, 2008 is a very special year. This year, the square flower beds began to debut in July, after the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, national day three periods, and lasted nearly 3 months of time. This is also the history of spent the longest time.

Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, national day three different periods, the square flower beds in the corresponding highlight the different themes. In addition to the above introduction of giant lanterns, in the center of the flower beds also there are the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games emblem design. East and West wings of the green scroll type flower bed is also very aspect.