Wash dishes basin washing underwear, electric kettle boiled underwear... What a man doing this? Nausea and vomiting

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Wash dishes basin washing underwear, electric kettle boiled underwear... What a man doing this? Nausea and vomiting

2016-10-15 10:45:20 3264 ℃

Just so two pieces of similar articles, broadcast on "Larry" Jun said, are a class of people with no sense of social responsibility, public drinking water to wash dishes to wash appliances underwear, this type of behavior you heard?

One. Canteen staff were reported to use wash dishes wash basin underwear

A 37 year old woman xiaomou in a technology company in Beijing Tongzhou canteen work for nearly 10 years, is an old employee.

In May 20, 2016, a staff report, said that in January 13, 2016, with the canteen vegetable washing basin cleaning period underwear xiaomou.The person responsible for the canteen staff, forensics, confirmed this, xiaomou approved.

After the incident, the company fired xiaomou, xiaomou is applied for labor arbitration.

The company does not provide the basis for the system is given, and that company to terminate the labor contract, xiaomou illegal termination, ruling that companies need to pay 7 yuan compensation for the May 26, 2016 to June 7th period and pay 672.18 yuan to xiaomou.

The company refused to accept the xiaomou prosecution to the court. Xiaomou said in court, the company had no training on food safety regulations, "the day I did a basin for washing vegetables washed underwear, but not often, wash clothes is not removed."

The company provides a review of the book xiaomou as evidence above personally admitted xiaomou own underwear washing period in, and signed. Xiaomou said that at that time the personnel department staff have been bullied inducements, he let me write a review book, said to admit a mistake, the company immediately let me return to work."

Xiaomou also "claimed" that isCanteen staff wash dish tub, you are not alone.

At the end of the trial, the two sides agreed to mediation.

Two. Network transmission of people live in the hotel with electric kettle boil underwear

The first story can be considered a real hammer, but the second story is from the spread between friends, failed to confirm the authenticity.

This is the two day of the post circulated on the Internet: it is said to have a special love to clean the woman, the hotel will use the electric kettle in the room to cook boiled underwear, meaning should be placed directly in the pot boil.

If it is true

Will it be followed by the live guest use?

Think about it all!

Although this post temporarily unable to determine the true and false,

But the problem is coming!

Hotel of electric kettle in the end is how to disinfect?

For the cleaning process of electric kettle, Yangzi Evening News reporter visited a few hotels in nanjing. The answer is basicallyuseThe removal of the bottom of the pot of vinegar rinse to large scale, no smell, kettle external diluted 84 disinfectant wipe clean. An economical, they said, for non disposable amenities in the room such as remote controller and electric kettle like, generally takenUltraviolet radiation disinfection disinfection, according to the passenger flow, each guest room irradiation time in half an hour or more.

Underwear with boiling water can be used to disinfect?

Nanjing a hospital physician Dr. Fan said, can not be generalized, each kind of bacterium or virus resistance ability. Boiling water can kill a common bacteria.

In fact, the general detergent or laundry detergent should have the function of disinfection and sterilization, pay attention to look at the line on the line. Also, the sun can be very good sterilization, the proposed underwear after the sun dried.

In addition, restricted by weather, travel itinerary and hotel replacement and other factors, suggest to buy disposable underwear is more sanitary and convenient.

Some netizens about his journey to see, also exposed some uncivilized phenomenon in.

Nanjing - a star hotel staff said, a middle-aged guests with electric kettle boiled eggs, make the kettle a smell and check out and not recognized.

"Friends" Domery is equal to reduce leg thigh thick arm "exposing scandalous:" I am the one with the kettle boiled dumplings, so never drink hotel electric kettle, is used for pressing the toilet seat."

Netizen "Jun" purse "said:" my mother work in the five-star hotel logistics for decades, I said a deep impression, the presidential suite for a family of three, it is said that staff rooms in the replacement of bedding, smelly found in the mattress sandwich, so I stay in a hotel will bring bedding towels sandals and other items."

Hotel health has always been a hot topic,

There may be a guest's uncivilized,

Is also possible that the hotel is not in place.

Whether users say is true or false,

When using non disposable supplies,

If not very assured,

as far as possibleBe careful!

Everyone is watching

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