Taiwan tour bus accident victims families will be 21 mainland tourists in Taiwan

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Taiwan tour bus accident victims families will be 21 mainland tourists in Taiwan

2016-07-20 22:00:54 575 ℃

China Taiwan network July 20 hearing, according to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported, Taiwan Highway No. 2 yesterday (19) occurrence of mainland tourists sightseeing bus car fire events, 26 people died. Taiwan authorities, "Tourism Bureau said, the victims families will be held tomorrow aboard a chartered Ditai, rough estimation contains staff of about 80 people.

At noon yesterday, Taiwan Highway No. 2 occurred mainland tourists sightseeing car fire car accident, Dragon Travel Service Liaoning land guest group of 24 passengers and drivers in Taiwan, guide a total of 26 people fully killed.

The families of the victims is expected tomorrow aboard China Southern Airlines charter flights to Taiwan, afternoon 1 when 15 minutes from Dalian to take off, 4 and 10 minutes to land in Taoyuan airport, Taiwan "Tourism Bureau said. Taiwan families, about 60 people, another group, agency and staff of about 20 people, a rough estimate is that there will be 80 people aboard a charter flights to Taiwan, the list is compiled.

The Tourism Bureau, said Lu guest families in Taiwan, by "Criminal Police" forensic personnel assist DNA specimen sampling and identification, and as soon as possible to complete the comparison, finally by the Taoyuan District Court Prosecutors Office handled the remains of phase test work. 24 are expected to hold joint memorial day 25, the arrangements for the family to return to the mainland.

In addition, the Taiwan authorities, Ministry of Transportation Highway Administration has asked to recall the same type of vehicle with the accident vehicles 21 vehicles, in order to ensure the safety of the inspection before the completion of the inspection. (Lining, Taiwan, China)