Beijing water point transformation for many years, some areas are still water?

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Beijing water point transformation for many years, some areas are still water?

2016-07-20 22:01:07 565 ℃

Beijing News News (reporter Xin Na) according to the bulletin, as of 15 pm yesterday, the city average rainfall of 181.9 mm. From the point of view of rainfall, the city has been close to 2012 215 mm of rainfall, and rainfall is still continuing.

Reporters learned that, after 2012, Beijing had 21 of the 7 water points appeared in the unified transformation planning 63. City Flood Control Office spokesman Liu Hongwei was introduced, will investigate 63 ponding water causes, and enters from outside the channel, pipe network, pumping stations and local runoff and other various search and unified planning and reconstruction.

Years of transformation, why bridge area and part of the road is still stagnant water? Beijing Drainage Group, the relevant person in charge explained, the rainfall, river management unit before the rainfall has in advance to reduce the river level, but due to the rainfall duration long, strong rain, city level of the main rivers are rising rapidly, resulting in Pai River flooded. The river is full of water in the road, not ranked out, "the responsible person said, as is the case for Lize bridge.

The person in charge, for the part of the water section, will strengthen the drainage personnel on duty, and send a large rescue unit field pumping water, as soon as possible. According to reports, as of 18, including the Dahongmen bridge, branch Feng Bridge, including 9 water circuit breakers have been opened to traffic.

In addition, the reporter noted that in 2012, once the water depth of several meters Anqumen bridge has remained open today. The official explained that after 2012, the renovation of near Anqumen bridge Xizhaosi old pumping station, and realize the linkage with the moat. "Pumping station renovation, improves the pumping capacity, construction of storage tanks and linkage with the moat to prevent water intrusion", he said, "pumping station and storage pool system, improve the drainage standard to 10 years of the worst".

It is understood that beginning in 2013, Beijing city is divided into three years to the central area of the 75 seat rain water pump station upgrade, including once water serious east straight door, Andingmen, Xierqi, Du Jiakan, Guang'an Men such as multiple pumping station.

The person in charge, after the transformation, the total pumping capacity increased from cubic meters / hour to more than one billion cubic meters / hour, up nearly 2 times. In addition, the new 60 seat rainwater storage tanks, water storage capacity of 210 thousand cubic meters, equivalent to the red scarf Lake volume.

However, there are still parts of the region in transformation after the occurrence of water, such as the edge of the Lotus Bridge on both sides of the bridge was in the morning appeared 20 cm depth of the water. It is understood that after the Lotus Bridge had in the southeast corner of the southwest corner of the building and the 2 reservoirs, the volume of more than 10 thousand cubic meters.

The person in charge, Lotus Bridge only a short water, not long after the water has been evacuated. He said that at present, including Lotus Bridge storage tank, and the city's 60 seat rain storage tank has a water inlet, effective peak clipping and reduce road area of water.

In addition, the person in charge of the introduction, some sections of the water due to the drainage facilities are still not completed, inadequate facilities, inadequate pumping level of this level of rainfall standards, such as Yue Zhuang bridge, etc..