26 Sichuan County 24 million 160 thousand people's livelihood funds cheated taking

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26 Sichuan County 24 million 160 thousand people's livelihood funds cheated taking

2016-07-20 22:01:12 541 ℃

Beijing, Chengdu, July (reporter Xu Yang 20) 20 afternoon, the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the twenty-seventh people's Congress of Sichuan Province, the first plenary session held in Chengdu. At the meeting, the Sichuan provincial audit office director of the Yellow River to the general assembly made the "Sichuan Province, the 2015 annual budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure audit work report".

The Yellow River in the report pointed out that the Audit Department of Wumeng area three city level and nine counties, the size of the Liangshan Yi District 22 counties in 2013 to 2015 fiscal relief funds, and 88 poor county of Sichuan Province from 2014 to 2015 to poverty alleviation relocation and geological disaster hedge relocation resettlement project special funds audit, the audit of the total funds 7596 000000 yuan, the sample project 2104.

Audit results show that the local actively implement the central and provincial Party committee, the provincial government poverty alleviation decision deployment, formulate specific measures, increase the intensity of work, to improve production and living conditions of the poor masses, reduce geological disasters have threatened the success. But still found a lot of problems.

First of all, some of the poor funds are not timely and effective use of. Due to the project implementation progress is slow, the completion of the project is not timely approval for reimbursement and other reasons, the 16 counties of 4.23 billion yuan of idle funds more than 2 years. 22 counties of the project balance of funds 49 million 760 thousand yuan, not in a timely manner to make an inventory of the use of.

Secondly, taking part of the special funds being cheated or illegal use. 26 counties of the small number of units to false way of relocation households number, false invoices, duplicate reporting projects, taking defraud funds 24.16 million yuan. 39 counties of some units to does not comply with the conditions of the grant poverty alleviation subsidized loans, renovation of dilapidated buildings, Yi stockade Village building, poverty alleviation, such as the relocation of the grant funds to 27.85 million yuan. 13 counties of finance, poverty alleviation and other departments and some towns will be 14 million 580 thousand yuan of special funds to lend or use for poverty related expenditures.

Again, part of the implementation of the project supervision is not in place. 60 counties were not completed in 2014 and 2015 geological disaster hedge relocation target task, to February 2016 there are 8055 households did not move, accounting for 24.7% of the task. 4 counties in the 10 relocation households in the original geological disaster risk areas of new housing, or after the relocation of the new geological hazards are still in danger. 11 counties 43 poverty alleviation projects not in accordance with the provisions of bidding, than, or fails to pass the government procurement, "about a meeting" democratic procedure of procurement, the individual project for audit checks lax cause the bidder collusion, involving funds 4264 million yuan.

Finally, serious violations of law and discipline. Such as take the Gulin County of the task of poverty alleviation training services school responsible staff and false invoices taking 26.8 million yuan of funds. Xuyong County town of 4 village cadres to work hard, and the name of the data, etc., to 13 households to ease poverty relocation households. Nanjiang Blackpool Township 2 village cadres to run the project on the grounds, to collect "hospitality fees" 12 thousand yuan to 8 households hedge relocation of farmers.

On these issues, the audit authorities in Sichuan have been dealt with according to law, and transferred to the relevant departments of law and discipline clues 51, involving an amount of 35 million 60 thousand yuan.