Beijing intends to permit the use of its own residential residential operating farm music"

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Beijing intends to permit the use of its own residential residential operating farm music"

2016-07-20 22:01:35 545 ℃

The Beijing News News (reporter Huangying Intern Lu Xinyu nearly for a few years, some of the city for the traditional courtyard, rural private residential development of "Folk Tour" to attract the lot of Alice. However, according to the existing laws and regulations, folk tourism can not be classified as the hotel industry, it can not be classified as the food and beverage industry. Yesterday, the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the fourteen Beijing Municipal People's Congress, the consideration of the Beijing tourism Ordinance (Draft) on the operation of folk tourism has made clear provisions.

Put forward the draft, the urban and rural residents in Beijing can be its own residential courtyard of traditional urban and rural legal homestead use in accordance with the law in the activities of the folk custom tourism business, tourism administrative departments of the city shall be jointly with the relevant departments, formulate standards and technical requirements of the city with its own house in the Folk Tourist business activities, to meet the requirements of the technical standards and, tourism jointly with the administrative department of industry and commerce, public security departments shall be registered and publicity to the community.

The draft also encourages the use of folk tourism operators through the purchase of insurance, etc., to provide security for the tourists.

"Beijing People ', farmhouse and other business model development earlier, market larger", the municipal government's legislative affairs do, director Liu Zhengang said, these have been in promoting flexible employment, improve people's income has a positive meaning. Therefore, the legislation of urban and rural residents in the use of its own residential tourism norms and guidance.

In addition, the draft also to the tourism market of Beijing city "tour" of the small ads chaos and increasingly popular online shopping tourism products made a clearly defined. Such as stipulated in the draft, the travel agency business tour products, should be to the tourism administration departments for the record, the tourism administrative departments shall be in its website published operating tour travel agency product information, query for the tourists. At the same time, any unit or individual shall not be unauthorized free public dissemination, suspension, graffiti, posted "tour" of the product advertising.

The development of Beijing's tourism industry for many years, why this year only legislation? The municipal government's Legislative Affairs Office Director Liu Zhengang, Beijing tourism legislation started in 1999, the city people's Congress Standing Committee to develop "Beijing Tourism Management Regulations" and in 2004 and 2010 were revised twice.

He introduced, since the implementation of the regulations, in regulating the market order, improve service quality and other aspects have played an important role. As of the end of 2015, the city has a total of 227 scenic spots, travel agencies 1602, 554 star hotel, the number of tourist guide more than two people, rural folk tourism reception unit.

Liu Zhengang said that at present the tourism industry in Beijing is facing a new situation, the new situation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive revision of the management regulations for the healthy development of the tourism industry to provide legal protection. At the same time, at present, the practical problems of tourism in Beijing City, also need to be solved by local legislation.