For the mainland to Taiwan tour a serious car accident rehabilitation work

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For the mainland to Taiwan tour a serious car accident rehabilitation work

2016-07-20 22:01:17 525 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Taipei, July 20 (Xinhua (reporter Xu Xueyi Gang Wang Xiaopeng) for the mainland to Taiwan tours a serious car accident, Taiwan's administrative bodies responsible person 20, answer to a reporter's question, said that the victims families concerned, including the reasons of the accident, as soon as possible to clarify, given complete information.

Taiwan's transportation department on the afternoon of the same day said that at present, the specific reasons for the accident still remain to be identified to clarify, in addition to the requirements for the relevant units to assist in dealing with the rescue scene and subsequent good funeral should be will also strengthen the tour car safety management and accident emergency response capabilities, hope reduce tour bus traffic accident risk and severity.

Taiwan Department of transportation said that over the past few years because of tourists increased touring car market to grow significantly, but the tour car quality varies greatly. With the changes in the tourism market, tourist bus passenger transport must be thoroughly reviewed by the accident and improve the quality of the business.

According to the reason of the accident concern, the relevant prosecutors in the morning and identification of personnel began inspection and identification work. Subsequently in Taoyuan city government site acquisition evidence identification results and surveillance equipment video content further analysis judged the cause of the fire. Also Criminal Police Bureau has completed the scene of the accident photo recovery and remains of DNA collection operation, follow-up will be collaborative Taoyuan City Government Police Bureau forensic center to the airport with the handle to the families of DNA samples.

At present, relevant departments in Taiwan and Taoyuan city government has in the airport in Taoyuan and Jungli funeral home set joint service center, to apply for a family in Taiwan after the reception service matters.

The same day, China KMT Central Standing Committee for the accident of silence, Party chairman Hong Xiuzhu is shocked, sad and sad. She urged the authorities to pursue the truth of the incident, and to assist the families of the victims to deal with the aftermath, face the problem of public safety.