The first half of the national court concluded the case over 8 million pieces

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The first half of the national court concluded the case over 8 million pieces

2016-07-20 22:01:46 475 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Changchun, July 20 - (reporter Luo Sha, Wu Hao) in the first half of this year, the court cases received topped 1000 million, concluded the case for more than 800 million pieces, the settlement rate of more than 60%.

This is the news from the National Forum on the 20 reporters from the national forum. It is reported that facing the unprecedented pressure cases, courts at all levels deepening judicial reform, and strengthen the trial management, to reform thinking cracked work encountered problems for the full year to complete the trial and execution of tasks and lay the foundation.

It is understood that there are 693 pilot courts in the country in order to promote the judicial responsibility system as the core of a major reform pilot. As of the end of June, has been in Beijing, Jilin, Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, Hainan, Qinghai provinces and cities in seven of the high court, 95 intermediate people's court, 469 grassroots courts complete posts the work of selecting and appointing judges, produced in the amount of the judge 24035 name, more than 85% of judicial human resources allocation to handling line, who investigators who is responsible for the new trial power operation mechanism initially formed, the working quality of case handling efficiency steadily.

The reporter understands, courts at all levels will give full play to the judicial reform of trial management functions, to adapt to the flattening of the judicial organizations and judicial power operation mechanism, let the president, the president and special trial management mechanism effectively assume their respective trial management responsibilities, to ensure that the management in place is not the absence of. Improve the professional judge conference system, establish a case retrieval reference mechanism, strengthen the judicial committee to unify the law applicable function. To accelerate the construction of the judicial case research institute, vigorously promote and apply the "legal letter" platform, and actively explore the massive judicial resources, promote the improvement of case guidance system, and promote the unification of judicial standards.

In addition, courts at all levels timely research issued relevant guidance, comprehensive and scientific evaluation of the judge handling quantity, quality, efficiency and effectiveness, the performance evaluation as the appointment of judges, and grade promotion and bonus distribution of an important basis, and directly linked to performance bonuses, and performance evaluation and posts exit mechanism, punishment mechanism, incentive mechanism and effective convergence. At the same time actively cooperate with the provincial court to promote the unification of property management reform.