The survey said that every town in China and childhood consumption over 10 thousand

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The survey said that every town in China and childhood consumption over 10 thousand

2016-07-20 22:02:06 530 ℃

Under the background of the overall economic slowdown, baby child market is still alive.

On July 20, consulting firm Roland Berger published "China maternal and child Market Research Report" is expected, China's maternal and child market (including pregnancy products, baby products, maternity services and baby service) in the next five years will be at a rate of 15% per annum growth, the overall size of the market will from 1.8 trillion yuan in 2015, development to 2020 nearly 3.6 trillion yuan.

Report said, driven by China child policy and new age parents the upgrading of consumption, China's maternal and infant children's market demand will continue upward trend. Among them, baby (1 to 14 years old) products and baby service will remain dominant position, is expected to market capacity in 2020 will approximately 1.7 trillion yuan and 1.74 trillion yuan, the market growth rate respectively amounted to about 12% and 17%. Food and clothing in the baby products market share is relatively high, is expected in 2020 will be a total of 67% of the share; education in baby services market share of the largest, by 2020 about 35% of its share.

In terms of consumption, the child's age, household income and market levels will lead to differences in consumption. Currently, the country's annual per capita consumption of baby child market is about 7748 yuan, of which the average annual per capita spend about 4299 yuan of children's products, the average annual cost of services is about 3449 yuan. 2015, the consumption of each town baby reached 11197 yuan, of which about 39% of the consumption of services. The greater the age of children, the higher the level of family income, the higher the level of urban market, the greater the proportion of service consumption.

In terms of sales channels, maternal and infant children's market online channels accounted for than expected will be from 32% in 2015 increased to 40% by 2020, while the rapid growth, but line channel is still the mainstream and will with expansion of the shopping centers in China and further development. Online channels under a variety of formats, the baby store is expected to jump in 2020 as the first channel, accounting for 40% of the line under the market share. In the online side, a comprehensive online shopping platform to occupy 40.5% of the share of the relative advantage, the mobile terminal is expected to account for half of the market share in 2020 online shopping market.

The huge potential Chinese baby market also attracted many overseas businessmen. Day for a period of three days of 2016CBME Chinese maternity and baby, children's clothing exhibition kicked off in the National Convention Center (Shanghai), exhibiting 3673 pregnant baby brand has 32% for foreign brands. Brand licensing is an important way for them to enter China. It is reported that China's brand authorized market size is currently about $, accounting for only 2.5% of the global authorized market. "With the development of market China baby has become a global brands to expand the franchise market." Industry insiders say.