Fan Bingbing won a shame, you don't know, embarrassed! There is a picture of the truth!

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Fan Bingbing won a shame, you don't know, embarrassed! There is a picture of the truth!

2016-07-20 22:15:08 1921 ℃

Film, has been one of the main topics of the entertainment industry, the actor was born in the film, became famous in the film, the film festival on the importance of the actor is self-evident!

Cannes Film Festival is one of the more international film festivals.

Every year, there are large numbers of actors and stars from all over the world.

Of course, China will have a large batch of actors to popular carpet.

The film festival is mainly the film festival awards, the outstanding international film award in recognition!

In recent years, Fan Bingbing in Film Festival red carpet, but foreign journalists left out in the cold, shame, he was completely unaware of, see below

Foreign reporters do not shoot Fan Bingbing, this is to laugh at it? Fan Bingbing from Huanzhugege in Yahuan, now fan ye.

Although is an inspirational counter attack, in the domestic fire not, but abroad, how many people know who you are?

And how many movies have entered the international ranks.

Chinese film has been lagging behind in the west, although we a pound of very hard to catch up, but from a technical point of view, there are still some gaps, and Chinese culture obscure, foreigners to see our movies are translated into English (the meaning of some words, far did not translate, especially allusions and idioms.

A European Film Festival, he Pidianpidian ran in Chinese star, has touched a cold ass!

Look at the foreign correspondents of the camera, there are several good shooting Fan Bingbing, shame, embarrassment!

Chinese film is not recognized, this is the fact.

Even the fan ye such reds, have suffered such treatment, can think of those non mainstream actors!

In other words, foreigners don't know who you are! What are you doing?

What do you think?