Huang Xiaoming couple at night with the box appeared on the airport AB shoes on the foot is not to give his brother face ah

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Huang Xiaoming couple at night with the box appeared on the airport AB shoes on the foot is not to give his brother face ah

2017-04-21 18:55:19 737 ℃

Entertainment in 2016 added a lot of groups of sweet family, some in the last year to tie knot, and some in the last year, the crystallization of love.

Today, we are going to say, in 2016 gave birth to baby Angela Baby. She had a box with her brother.

Xiao Ming is wearing a black hole jeans, this dress can be described as full of moisture. 40 year old Huang Xiaoming, out of the style of the age of 20. This kind of clothing sister can only give 50 points can not be more.

It is rare that the couple also appeared with the airport. After the completion of the feeling of Angela Baby production began to go mature route, the show is also wearing a suit.

In fact, there is no need to ah, I feel that the current state of Angela Baby is not necessary to go hard mature line, right?

Two people have been very sweet, greatly at the airport side show affection. Huang Xiaoming naughty in the head of Angela Baby bie.

It's a pity that the shoes on baby's feet don't give Huang Xiaoming face at all.

Huang Xiaoming was tall, in the entertainment circle is controversial today, Angela Baby put on the double Hentian high not to let Huang Xiaoming's true height challenged?

Huang Xiaoming official height 180 cm.

Angela Baby's official height is 168 cm.

When Angela Baby put on a pair of slightly ugly Hentian high side with Huang Xiaoming really high.

So the question is, are these shoes 12 cm?

Another problem is that Angela Baby's true height is 168 cm?

The problem is that Angela Baby did not see his sister wearing high-heeled shoes and wearing a thick soled shoes is also a difference in height of this kind of Huang Xiaoming.

So it looks like Angela Baby is not as short as Huang Xiaoming.

So the couple's height is a mystery?

Do not say anything else, Huang Xiaoming baby or as always careful. Cross the road when she does not trust, or want to pull Angela Baby cross the road.

Huang Xiaoming's father's soul is really hidden can not hide ah......

Today, the couple have a small sponge, Huang Xiaoming became a real father. Look at this holding baby posture, is daddy demeanor.

Huang Xiaoming used to say that if he hadn't seen the baby for a long time, he might have been crazy.

Don Huang Xiaoming is the next unusual baby spree?


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