Aaron Kwok won the wedding party stingy nature can only wear a minimum configuration of dragon

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Aaron Kwok won the wedding party stingy nature can only wear a minimum configuration of dragon

2017-04-21 19:01:34 321 ℃

Recently Aaron Kwok eventually married the Red Net yuan, eat melon masses are real shock -- the original does not recognize the love of the king was open in micro-blog rakehell, show affection, marriage really settle down???

But with such a network and other beauty can play Lianliankan touch net red???

Although Aaron Kwok is very low-key in the The Peninsula Hong Kong held a wedding, only invited a few friends to the scene. But the media is still nowhere to shoot, dug a lot of material.

At this time, everyone's attention is not focused on the issue of the red dot, but - Aaron Kwok how to pull ah......

The whole wedding only put ten tables banquet, than ordinary people put less. Of course, you can say: Aaron Kwok is trying to do a small feast, so many people do!

But even friends for many years, Nancy Sit did not know the wedding, passing by a bunch of media siege, only to know: ah? The city is here today to put wine ah?

...... You said the two days after the meeting, embarrassed not embarrassed.

To the media package only a coke and a bottle of mineral water, four small cakes.

To the guests present is two black and white chocolate, feel the presence of the guests do not come back.

There is nothing on the wedding scene, wedding photos, ah, background plate...... Ordinary people will put the decorations, Guo Wang did not want a.

Fang Yuan drying out wedding shoes, RV basic models, 5000 less than the price of ordinary people is very expensive. But when these female stars get married, where is not wearing a luxury brand customization, basically no wedding shoes.

And, RV's wedding shoes, and then how cheap are thousands of people, Aaron Kwok was to buy a pair of the most basic pair of cheap shoes......

Even after all these, all simple is always Guo King's style.

However, the bride wearing a traditional wedding dress appeared, we began to really feel: it is too shabby some......

What, do you think it looks luxurious? No, there are Guangdong Hongkong married, married love wear dress. In accordance with the embroidered gown dragon density count money, more embroidered gown, higher density, the red area exposed is less, the cost of manpower, material and time is also more and more expensive.

There are seven basic and long sleeve, his wrist, in addition to the bride's body beauty, but also let the bride wearing a pile of jewelry, jewelry is the bride's dowry, shows her love for her daughter-in-law.

You see the wedding of Myolie Wu wearing a crown, basically can not see what the red hand, 3D light is the Dragon embroidery, wedding dress is said to be the value of HK $about two hundred thousand. But also with a full body jewelry, earrings, a string of gold on the wrist, neck and a string.

Miriam Yeung on this piece is also a dragon in a crown, gold and silver line density is as high as 99% gold earrings, gold bracelet blond gold necklace, can be said to be golden......

Then look back on the next Fang Yuan, well, the hand is worn, but there is no earrings, there is no necklace, head only two large red flowers. Or wear in five......

Well, maybe it's because Aaron Kwok has always been a low profile guy.

Finally, we forget about the list: the hotel costs 500 thousand, rose money of 170 thousand, together with photographic equipment, helicopter transfers to the 150 thousand. Finally the bride's dress and Aaron Kwok's dress add up to 300 thousand.

Aaron Kwok became famous for many years, and he spent about one million years getting married.

Take a look at Huang Xiaoming and Nicky Wu to marry a daughter-in-law, it is called the production of a dream island, how grand it will be......

A Hongkong Entertainment Weekly reported that before Fang Yuan married, the woman has been pregnant on the grounds of the woman, there is no gift of money on the grounds of the. Moreover, it is said that the two sides also signed a prenuptial agreement to prevent sub sub sub property, said the marriage is absolutely not a total property......

The wedding pulled, so that users who want to attack Fang Yuan, have begun to turn to attack Aaron Kwok.

Hong Kong, Aaron Kwok, who married a daughter-in-law, it is not a feather ah!

Say, Aaron Kwok has always been Tucao stingy, especially in love this thing. Obviously he is a star of the rich list of regulars, but to buy things for his girlfriend, but it is.

When Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok were still together, Aaron Kwok's name has been known to pull. For example, buy daily necessities as a gift to a girlfriend...... I feel this can be on the micro-blog Tucao Jun.

When a variety of festivals, Aaron Kwok just sent a message to say blessing, nothing else......

When the media asked Aaron Kwok, will not consider giving prizes to Xiong Dailin, and immediately responded: no thought of Aaron Kwok!

Xiong Dailin has repeatedly told the media that the root has not received a gift.

Finally, on sixth years of Valentine's day, Xiong Dailin got a diamond pendant!

Then Aaron Kwok said, "it wasn't me.".

Um...... Hit the face can only go to his stomach, Xiong Dailin in the denial of the gift after Aaron Kwok, or secretly said he wanted to receive a gift of mood.

After that, Xiong Dailin's father suffering from cancer, the media have said: Aaron Kwok huge sums of money for the father-in-law treatment! Then the two sides unified response: No, Xiong Dailin himself to pay the money.

At that time, Xiong Dailin, alone in Hongkong hard work, his father was seriously ill, there is a king class boyfriend, but the slightest help is not out, it's more uncomfortable ah......

Then came Aaron Kwok in order to ease the mood of Xiong Dailin, contributed to buy a villa to send her as a Christmas gift.

The results were found to be rented......

At that time, Xiong Dailin for a car, the media asked whether it is not for you to buy the Aaron Kwok?" She also had to be embarrassed to answer: buy their own......

After breaking up, Xiong Dailin's good friend cursed Aaron Kwok, and years of contact with the group of seven years, in addition to the concert tickets can be invited to eat, what gifts have not been to get over the past, but also in the past few years, I have been able to get rid of the enemy!

And Aaron Kwok side feel: you and I together, fame, fame and fortune, both are not very good, incredibly want more?

After Xiong Dailin himself also came out grievance: Aaron Kwok what things will not send......

To tell the truth, I am very distressed Xiong Dailin, of course, I do not mean that boys and girls together, we must let the boys bear all the expenses. But in some meaningful festivals, it is not a normal thing to expect to receive a gift from a boy friend

Aaron Kwok can be worth a lot of money, seven years of communication with his girlfriend, what valuables have not been sent. Xiong Dailin to Aaron Kwok for seven years is not easy......

Fang Yuan's treatment is much better than Xiong Dailin, at least on Valentine's day she also received flowers and chocolate (laugh and no language)!

Well, this year's Valentine's day may be a red strawberry bouquet......

But only limited to this, when Aaron Kwok sent her one hundred thousand yuan to Party of the bag, the man is vehemently rejected, invited Aaron Kwok to accompany her to see more than 10 million house, Aaron Kwok quickly frozen love.

There are friends that he had seen in Hongkong Fang Yuan shopping, buy some small things, they are......

So send goose, with two pieces of candy Kwok in private, is willing to spend money on their own. Luxury car one after another, Kaka limited edition, never distressed, bought with a stamp like, the car can be said that the life of Guo Wang true love.

It is said that Aaron Kwok now has more than 20 cars worth more than one million. 20 a few luxury cars in front of me put a, really can get people excited halo.

Then buy a car, casually used to do props MV. Now it is out of print limited antique cars, the continued appreciation, Regal 12 million bid, King does not sell!

To second, began to love Ferrari can not extricate themselves. Ferrari Enzo, the world's limited 399, can also be seen in AM's "I Aaron Kwok" in the MV.

The world only limited production of 333 Audi R8 sports car, the guidance price of 3 million 800 thousand...

King of the red super run is really like to add, Ferrari red F512M.

Third Ferrari, F360 Modena, the guidance price is about 3 million...

Three Lamborghini yellow car, price is around 3 million.

This is also the most expensive cars Pagani Zonda F "ghost" limited edition, about 12 million of the world's limited edition 25.

It is said that a change of lubricating oil to spend about 150 thousand yuan, the year of the king of from Italy, also invited senior technicians to Hongkong to do a special car maintenance.

Tens of millions of Lamborghini sports car, the body color is by the designer for Aaron Kwok modulation of dark green, can be said to be the world's only this one. Also equipped with a two hundred and fifty thousand "AARON" license plate.

Stamp collecting is what a set!

The king to buy a sports car also have to join the model, the track version of course, to a car! Global Limited 32 units, priced at 2 million 200 thousand euros of Ferrari FXX-K, not to buy! I pinch that count, probably about 16 million yuan...

And have to buy three new Ferrari owners have to buy the queue qualifications...

There is a saying: you do not want to spend money to love you, but do not spend money for you, I do not love you.

Marriage, the two people's economic independence, I fully agree with. But this does not mean that the love I have to firmly protect their own every inch of every inch of interest.

But I still do not understand Aaron Kwok, to a person you are destined to spend her life, but can not give her all your love, half of the loss can not eat. This kind of love is too reserved and too selfish.

But of course, Xiong Dailin can not stand this kind of love, Fang Yuan can stand, can be regarded as a carrot a pit.