The famous actress, and his son was married 5 director now abandoned, with her ex husband remarried

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The famous actress, and his son was married 5 director now abandoned, with her ex husband remarried

2017-04-21 19:06:36 162 ℃

Bei Liu is the audience favorite actor, but in recent years gradually fade out of sight, Bei Liu was born in 1967 in Beijing, an art family, the father is the director, the mother is a drama actor. Nurtured by the family, Bei Liu had entered the Beijing Opera School of Peking Opera, after graduation to Beijing opera Youth Theater as an actor, but Bei Liu is not satisfied with the only opera actor, later resigned to become individual actor"

Bei Liu is the kind of beautiful and a taste of the woman, the impression that she is not decorated flower powder, red skirt, cheerful and happy. Bei Liu debut for many years, appeared in many TV movies, such as "the story of editorial department", "day", "Party B", "red carnation", and so on, also won numerous awards, and she and Ge You's classic combination, especially impressed us.

In the business can be said to be smooth sailing, but the feelings of the ups and downs in private, Bei Liu's first marriage in the filming of the TV series Kyoto chronicle to get to know Zhang Jian. Two years later, Bei Liu and Zhang Jian. After marriage, poly and the characteristics of the two sides of the difference between them so that the contradiction between the increasingly prominent. In August 2002, Bei Liu and Zhang Jian break up peacefully and amicably.

But Bei Liu's second marriage is in love with the drama director Zhang Li during the filming of "military secret", Zhang Li had four previous failed marriage, but Bei Liu did not mind, two people in October 2004 again into the marriage hall, who was born in July 2006. However, the two ended their marriage in October 2007 for 3 years. For the marriage of Bei Liu did not mention the antecedents and consequences from first to last, because the media broke the news, the third Song Jia surfaced.

After the divorce, Bei Liu had been alone with a child life, and her ex husband Zhang Jian who then reflected, he not only eat grass (not grass), and the son of Zhang Li is particularly good, Bei Liu is really touched, now two people had a broken mirror joined together. To say that Zhang Jianren the handsome, rich, and is in the television, what kind of grass to eat ah? People are still reading Bei Liu, this ordinary people really can not do, Zhang Jianzhen is a good man, I wish the happiness of Bei Liu!