Wang and Arale's family are quite rich, but she is not a grade

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Wang and Arale's family are quite rich, but she is not a grade

2017-04-21 19:09:16 211 ℃

The money had not adult children running speed of patents, and sometimes even than the adults but also fierce. Entertainment stars baby has become a new generation of money small child, worth climbing and variety shows and various advertising activities offer, mom and dad have thrown a few blocks. Li Xiang's daughter, Wang Shiling, is the famous luxury princess in the circle. From the appearance, I can see how strong my mother's father is.

Children are fed in vain fat nothing, the key is the mother of Li Xiangzhen is not controlled pet ah. It is reported that the news that the Li Xiangyi family in the light have to spend 70 thousand yuan, it is really be struck dumb, but only 8 year old Wang Shiling weight soared to 120 pounds, compared to a Yang Mi weighs 30 pounds, this is how much to eat table delicacies from land and sea! Look at this brawny arm, have you felt very heavy?

And in a program, Li Xiang was Tucao, Wang Shiling's new year's money, you can buy a house for his father Wang Yuelun. The whole family went into battle, the little princess was born with a golden key.

In this family background, which is not the basic necessities of life, Wang Shiling, luxury.

The house is also a luxury home level.

As for why Wang Shiling is so favored, it really is because of the small age very profitable. Just over 7 years old micro-blog fans on nearly ten million, but also took a few large box office accumulated more than 10 million. Also, Wang Shiling, where daddy went red after the acceptance of a well-known domestic beverage factory endorsement, endorsement fee of up to 15 million, while the average endorsement fee of only $3 million Zhang Liang. This is where the father is, ah, where is dad to pick up money?!

Arale, by contrast, is a full civilian starlet. 16 years as an adorable baby Meng joined Daddy where the fourth quarter after entering showbiz. Although Arale's family has not been exposed, but Arale's mother was a real estate person, and later because the baby to give up work at ease to do full-time wife, father is a very low-key person, some people say is the TV background is strong, anyway, can mango program which is what role?

If Wang Shiling and Arale by the program to earn a lot of money to make it, then come home with her own value of 700 million to make a profit. Wang and Arale earn less than her hand a diamond ring, is not a grade. The little girl called Xiu Hua, her father is the famous Joseph Lau, Joseph Lau in the "2012" Hongkong "rich list" on the $6 billion 500 million fortune ranked fifth in the "".

Especially by the rich dad show birch favor, Joseph Lau worked in Switzerland and Geneva took a value of 1 billion 200 million pink for her, before adding to the daughter's house, the daughter of Joseph Lau Liu Xiuhua, although only 7 years old, but worth up to more than 1 billion 261 million. The usual clothing is also carrying out a standard, is a variety of small size and luxury brand package.

At a young age, she has a limited edition of a small pink pink bag".

We all know that the national husband Wang Sicong China expensive for the son of the richest man, worth 4 billion had attracted netizens envy, but the 7 year old girl who is so high that it is very important to shout reincarnation, is really a mountain, someone outside the person, do not say I am going to reincarnate ~