Xu Dongdong is very sexy, but the mineral water bottle to P crooked

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Xu Dongdong is very sexy, but the mineral water bottle to P crooked

2017-05-03 20:09:22 3204 ℃

Long time no see Xu Dongdong took a group of photos, can be said to be very sexy, wearing black shorts, black tights.

In accordance with her own say, is the dew belly loaded, however, the stomach is not a vest line, it is proud of the chest into the eye.

In order to make themselves look sexy, Xu Dongdong also hand to lift his shorts, sister-in-law style simply admirable.

However, in people sigh when Xu Dongdong eat melon shape, the last picture appeared.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with it, but take a closer look at it.

Eat melon is also a glimpse of the masses of the truth, and the mineral water is too crooked ah.

I guess it is Xu Dongdong dressed in black tights, the front does not seem to feel the ups and downs, so the P on the following figure, the results did not expect too much force, so that people can see out of the.

It was the eight all night shoot, and now it's the eight all night fix.

In fact, this is not the first time Xu Dongdong tried P figure, as early as years ago, the use of the Xu Dongdong up.

It is also a group of photos out of the sun, at first glance, there is no problem, the results look carefully at the part of the cheek, you will find a defect.

Can be said to be very subtle, but still did not escape the masses eat melons have no face piercing eye, Xu Dongdong had to stand out to apologize, chin meat lot, repaired not repaired.

This is obviously a few faces to be more rounded, but the melon is not wrong to say the masses, actually someone to care about Xu Dongdong's face, actually did not look at Xu Dongdong's chest.

Xu Dongdong is really the way to go, she will take a lot of photos, but they are walking sexy sexy style.

After each photo, but also called on the masses to eat melon to send her hot.

In the past, I think Xu Dongdong's figure is really good, but now see the deformed mineral water and a little wonder.

Xu Dongdong had a tan without P over the photos, but compared to that of the truth and sexy portrait photos, a little hard to describe.

Some people have said that Xu Dongdong is better than Liu Yan, but the humble said that Xu Dongdong does not agree with, Liu Yan is very good.

In fact, I think, anyway, now P map technology so developed, more than Liu Yan is not a problem oh.

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