No wonder baby is rushing back, and his work is bought by Hunan satellite TV for 5 million 600 thousand per episode

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No wonder baby is rushing back, and his work is bought by Hunan satellite TV for 5 million 600 thousand per episode

2017-05-20 01:41:32 221 ℃

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Baby said many netizens are Tucao she is poor, but it is just such a high her paycheck. Most of the time people don't understand this is the debut of baby within a few years, she also just starred in "cloud song" and "no reward" solitary Fang the two TV series. Although the film is more than the role, but may take the hand of the role is not. This is a bad acting, empty eyes are ridiculously high paid actors, many directors also want to ask her to shoot.

Baby has just come back and is recording "running brothers", and soon after recording "running brothers", she will start filming in the TV age of entrepreneurship. There are 40 episodes in this TV play. Hunan satellite TV has been set to every 5 million 600 thousand to buy, now you know why baby will be so high fee. Baby in the entertainment circle high popularity, micro-blog fans up to 6000 more than ten million. Such high popularity TV drama when shooting, attention and topic of degree is particularly high.

"Baby" is not alone reward although reputation is not particularly good, but the ratings at the time than Yang Mi, "Di Ali Gerba III ten peach" to. No wonder Hunan TV will be so anxious to buy the copyright of this drama, it must have taken a fancy to the commercial value of baby. Many users Tucao baby facelift, but entertainment has always been to look at the value of yan. If she is not beautiful enough, will people still pay attention to her?

From baby body also confirmed a word, grow beautiful can be eaten by the meal. Baby if she hadn't been pretty enough, she might have met Huang Xiaoming, and he wouldn't have noticed her. If baby weren't pretty enough, she wouldn't be so concerned about her business value. Even if her acting is not very good, the director is willing to invite her to film, even in a drama, when a vase, audience and fans are willing to buy it.

In running brothers, baby and Di Ali Gerba are often compared. Di Ali Gerba comes from Xinjiang and grows like a hybrid. Di Ali Gerba looks more inclined to the delicate and glamorous type, although baby has been questioned about cosmetic surgery, but her delicacy is biased towards the delicate and lovely type. Many netizens have passed baby, cosmetic surgery is in Japan when the development of the whole volume, the Japanese face lift is actually more developed than South korea. South Korean cosmetic beauty Meicheng a type, but the Japanese cosmetic will go in accordance with the whole features of cosmetic appearance.

And baby was questioned to go to Japan Cosmetic Surgery, and then deliberately spent a lot of money to make their own cosmetic case, there is no hospital files. Di Ali Gerba is a born beauty, from small to large is like a delicate beauty Bobbi doll.

I don't know. When did you think baby was the best actor? Which TV series did you play?