"Ode to joy" 2 story big turning point, shut off blackening and what do you see?

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"Ode to joy" 2 story big turning point, shut off blackening and what do you see?

2017-05-20 01:43:06 525 ℃

"Ode to joy 2" has been on the air for some time, and the heat and topics have remained high. But my sister was the most looking forward to that segment did not begin to pick off -- Juer glasses began blackening.

Whether it is "1" or "Ode to joy" to now broadcast "Ode to joy" in 2, or that Guanju obedient, gentle, strive for the girl.

Start off Juer together with my mother to Zhang aunt everyone to pay New Year's call, turn off Juer was refined and cultured, Juer is still a little girl looks very quiet.

Close the Juer mother phase of a boy called stretch. Although very close Juer rejection blind, but mother, obediently dressing.

Although Xiao Xiao Qu and good relations, but her dissatisfaction is also more and more.

Shut off to see Dr. Zhao Xiao Xiao Qu morning from home, Xiao Xiao Qu flaunt and she has Dr. Zhao and again, also very niwai to express her love again with Dr. Zhao, "sexual" such words.

When heard those words off song Xiao Xiao said, although she didn't say what didn't do, but one can see her helpless eyes. When Xiao Xiao Qu small earthworms and discuss "love not to marry for the purpose", she also just quietly on the side, do not speak herself.

When the fan Shengmei and small earthworms discuss AA, Guan heard "Zhao" quietly raised quietly listening to their conversation first. The eye is like saying "I think Qu Xiao Xiao is a loser". Ha ha ha ha。

In a conversation with Andy, Guan also directly expressed her dissatisfaction: Xiao Xiao Song is really boring ".

Shut off to see a play accidentally hit song Xiao Xiao Zhao and doctors also went to see the play, a person secretly followed. Love Wili Shimonoseki ah.

After the home is to say Xiao Xiao Qu earthworm doesn't deserve zhao.

The look and the expression were simple. The performance of the song Xiao Xiao Zhao and dissatisfaction together, and the song Xiao Xiao personal dislike. I feel like I'm going to cry at last. The full screen is over spilt.

But as the episodes are broadcast, some small details show that the pass has actually begun to change.

Guan Juer began to learn belly dance or dance, break through his conservative.

It is difficult to imagine the customs of belly dance like yo ~

However, Joe Hin was originally a super good, skin white beauty is also big legs.

Sister feels much better than Wang Ziwen ~!

Also courage, firmly told his mother do not want to go to blind date idea.

On the one hand, Dr. Zhao still did not stop the love, on the other hand, Xiao Xiao Qu dissatisfaction is also more and more, feel shut off the road has begun blackening.

Netizens have also been looking forward to this link.

Your sister to put some small spoilers.

Shut off the glasses, turned sexy beauty, for Dr. Zhao's favor, try to design Qu Xiao xiao.

Song Xiao Xiao Zhao and had two doctors almost broke up.

Also because of Juer and Xie Bin, also made Qu Xiao Xiao parents divorce, bankruptcy.

But in the end, there is no good ending, two friends and lovers do not get.

Let's close together to look forward to the black ~