Passers-by in the lens Star: Zhao Liying Sun Li slim polite, Tang Yan's eyes scared me!

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Passers-by in the lens Star: Zhao Liying Sun Li slim polite, Tang Yan's eyes scared me!

2017-05-20 01:44:41 192 ℃

For a baby star, it's probably one of the happiest things that happens when you meet your favorite star

And the stars we see are as dazzling as they are on the screen? Let's take a look at it!

Some time ago, some netizens encountered Jay Chou's wife Kun Ling, I can see that really mixed blood, but some people say, Kun Ling features, rural flavor.

Users in the lens of Kunling Apple muscle is obviously, does not capture the refinement.

Fan Ye Fan Bingbing is the goddess of all in the eyes of everyone, and friends in the lens of this waist Fan Ye does little to ruin the image, but recently because of her boyfriend Li Chen, Fan Bingbing have been working out, but also has a very significant effect.

"Small iron voice" Gloria Tang was friends encounter in the subway, the small figure is indeed a passer-by kazakhstan.

Some friends in the company encountered Zhao Liying, net friend said Zhao Liying himself is very thin, and very polite, is still beautiful.

Super brother Deng Chao in the "running" has been a warm man, guests are very taken care of, private super brother is also amiable, readily promised and friends of the group request.

The empress Sun Li in action when passers-by found candid really scared sister jump, the empress's eyes domineering, a second Zhen Huan rhythm ah

Sweet Tang Yan a lift your eyes in the camera when it is found that users only my sister, this game has good eyes, sweet revenge Weiyang Tang Xiaoyan students this is the upper part of the body?

What experience have you met with a star? Welcome to share it in the comments section!