Zhuo Wei also admit defeat! When Tang Wei and Li Zhongshuo were the mistress of fraud... Korea paparazzi burst almost half of the Korean entertainment industry news!

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Zhuo Wei also admit defeat! When Tang Wei and Li Zhongshuo were the mistress of fraud... Korea paparazzi burst almost half of the Korean entertainment industry news!

2017-05-20 01:44:48 662 ℃

Speaking of paparazzi, the first time we all think of is Zhuo Wei and popular studio. Coincidentally, today Nili Wanghong Zhuo, and two on the hot search: Ruo

In the past a while, because of dissatisfaction, Zhuo Wei a person crazy broke the limelight, popular studio photographer collective run away, but also live to turn himself into a entertainment drama. (everybody worries about whether they'll gossip later.).

Not all the paparazzi, of course, like Zhuo Wei and his photographers.

In South Korea next door, there is a big, silent, God rated paparazzi, Dispatch, called D. People not only low-key and pragmatic, very diligent, just yesterday, also broke the appointment of Park Yu Chun and his fiancee photos.

D service is the full name of Dispatch, South Korea's top Internet media professional paparazzi media, founded in December 2010, with the exposure of South Korea's top star affair and almost 100% accurate shot to fame (Zhuo Wei, see here) were many sisters called God's paparazzi.

Then the entertainment reporters then led the people to look at the D Club melon, in the past 7 years is how to maintain sustained and stable a single and a single burst mengliao. (there's certainly your Obama)

D club's biggest name is "Star Love killer", after all, to the star king days, down to the chaebol have been exposed to love.

In the fourth months since its establishment, D, in April 2011, published a group called "sweet bar"? A sign of Towe Quinte's love "photos, broke Tang Wei and Jin Taiyong in Korea hongdae intimate dating photos.

Jin Taiyong is well-known South Korean director, in 2011 he broke out, or a married person! No divorce yet?!

But in the two tour with big Hong Jin Taiyong announced shortly after the divorce!! (coincidence??)

The country is also rapidly circulating Tang Wei suspected three small rumors

But two people are just not with hongdae, what real hammer, so we also not to regard it as right.

But the D agency also did not miss Tang Wei, in July 2012 once again broke Tang Wei sold a piece of land in the vicinity of Jin Taiyong residence!

Tang Wei and Jin Taiyong even by D service chain explosion or not, see what water. After all, the popularity of the D club was too toxic, and the kimchi nationals were not convinced.

Now that two people are married and have children, it is true to say, "D is not a cow."!

After breaking off Tang Wei in 2011, D went on to date Lee Min Ho and Pu Minying.

"City Hunter" when the big heat, the drama CP dating outside, this broke the news simply caught up with this wave of heat.

Let the people face is the two well-known actor Han Guochao, after a day rushed admit love oh. (for the red D Club assists?)

In January 1, 2013, the D society burned out the hammer of the Asian singing king Rain and the Korean national goddess Kim Tae Hee.

Excluding the two degree of concern of the identity of Max, they were photographed the appointment is also quite Madden - Rain is in the military service during the period of leave out Kim Tae Hee's secret!! (this can be the entertainment is to squat, capital service!)

A big explosion of the D service, and fame, they also officially opened every year on New Year's Day tradition in January 1st, every year will burst in love (is joyous news artist?) Really become a nightmare for the people in love.

In January 1, 2014, SNSD's Yoona and Lee Seung Gi broke their date with the D society.

Perhaps the D agency think the New Year gift enough Madden, after three days D agency again burst SNSD SooYoung and Choung Kyung Ho Christmas date according to.

As South Korea's National Women's team, SNSD members repeatedly broke the love, really is not so good for male fans!

In 2014, the beginning of the serial explosion, is destined to be a year of peace ah.

In June, D released EXO members Bian Boxian and Kim Tae Yeon kissing pictures in the car!! (D agency is grudges with SNSD? At that time, many girls around the tears into a river in this picture can still be visible before the eyes ah entertainment)

In August, D and Yi double agency...... A photograph of Shirley and Cui's sweet appointment.

The entertainment reporters just want to say, SM is against D club? Within a year, four pairs of CP, five artists brutally D Club mercilessly broke the news, the picture is cruel!

In January 1, 2015, D broke Lin Shiling many times to Jae Lee, a famous actor in South korea.

Jae Lee in South Korea for God as natural needless to say, another protagonist of Lin Shiling's great progenitor, South Korea is not only the elephant group's daughter, or Samsung Prince Li Zairong's ex-wife.

Moreover, D society in the explosion of Jae Lee this pair of CP, but also accidentally to T.O.P's home also exposed.

D news agency also said, T.O.P home is two people, "Pao Gong love nest". What an innocent T.O.P!

In January 1, 2016, the D agency exposed a group of EXID combined Hani Xiyan multiple entry JYJ members of Kim Jun Su's apartment, and also on the man's car to travel photos.

Two people have never heard of any love news before, and this is no good for cp! I don't think D can dig it out. It's really the God of the paparazzi in South korea!!

For four consecutive years to open a play burst, D agency may not be satisfied, soApril Fool's Day is going to be a big story~

On April 1, 2016, D announced a group of photos by EXO's Kai and f (x), Zheng Xiujing, who used dates during the tour break in the states!! (go to the United States, real is indeed the first paparazzi)

In the picture, two people discuss very much, the crystal also went on the Kai vehicle to leave together. April Fool's Day is really kidding me?

D's agency guards, the photo is too real hammer, SM, on the second day rushed to admit that the relationship of the two. (fans cry)

However, the D agency this year did not continue to this tradition festival love broke the silence, eating sunflower seeds and other aniseed in the new year's day, just wait until the D agency said "we should pay more attention to politics (Pu Jinhui incident), not broke, we go to sleep". (true conscience, paparazzi)

New year's explosion, the explosion behind? Han network has been circulating D, April Fool's day will again EXO shot, the crowd once again looking forward to April Fool's day.

Who knows?...... D again responded by saying, "there's no plan to break EXO's romance recently."

As an excellent bomb killer, D has developed a routine for candid stars - a parking lot and a restaurant... But also chase "love" to the horizon.

Parking lot is the most favorite shooting place of D! Actually, stars love the parking lot.???

As mentioned above, three teenage girls were told that love was all caught in the parking lot. In addition to their three CP, actually D agency is still in the parking lot to take a lot of dirt.

For example, "dog abuse couple" was first exposure is D agency did, Gu Hye Seon just moved into the area where Ahn Jae Hyun to the parking lot, sweet dating, is a powerful D agency to capture!

IU and older than her ten year old Zhang Jihe of the CP by the D agency also burst out of the D parking lot in a service apartment in river capture is to date's home in IU, the two love have surfaced.

Even members of ERIC and Luo Huimei, who recently announced the news of marriage, were photographed in a parking lot at a theater by D!!

The restaurant is also one of the most frequently photographed places in D society. (watching others eating and abusing dogs, they can only take candid photos, so cruel.)

Earlier this year, the uproar of Lee Jun-ki, Jeon Hye Bin love traced, that is, D club "help" two people open. The two were photographed at the entrance of the restaurant while they were at a restaurant, and were photographed by D.

Actually, there has been quite a lot of gossip about two people, but there is no substantive evidence. The secret love affair was forced to be public for two years, saying only two people stood at the gate of the restaurant. (and the D Club lens.)

But the last two people denied, D agency was playfully replied: "hope you two, friendship forever." (GEE, brain)

Another pair in the drama heats up "double CP song" Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo, D agency also once referred to intimate relationship between two people, and also drying out a group of two people in the restaurant for dinner.

But two people also have not responded, also can only imagine by everybody.

Perhaps D club is to meet you Korean fans in the drama, imagine only candid Oh ~!

In addition to the above two favorite candid locations, D agents will be "love" tightrope, fly to various places to shoot aniseed! Zhuo Wei doesn't make a big trip to Thailand

The above mentioned kai& Zheng Xiujing is the D agency fugitive to LA shot (good spell!)

Lee Min Ho and show wise are also caught by a love - work D club at the Shangri-La Hotel in london!

Sit the plane is not what the D agency to take candid security work close Won Bin Lee Na Young wedding even tree dundian!!

Dedicated to terrified, Dundian can squat so lost, this will take you to the D entertainment agency!

In 15 years, D society exposed a fraud, and the perpetrator is in the name of Li Zhongshuo around fraud, seriously damaged Li Zhongshuo personal reputation.

The perpetrators of a A and K and a former junior, a K and G service together last year investment related projects, so A will plan target in Li Zhongshuo, after they began forging seal and contract.

A in a net bar after downloading relevant contracts Forged (Korean domestic seal format unified), and K and a investor J signed a relevant contract.

After signing the contract, J has invested 300 million won, K an investment of 200 million won. Then, A and K through a P and G representatives meet, when they saw forged Li Zhongshuo related seals and contracts, G agency intends to join and invested 300 million won. (Zhong Shuo Obama really incense pot)

In fact, there are many loopholes in the fake contract of the perpetrator A, not only the address information is wrong, even the name of Li Zhongshuo is wrong.

If it hadn't been for D to dig deep, neither the police nor the brokerage company would have noticed such a ridiculous fraud. (entertainment Sherlock?) Li Zhongshuo is the perfect, the report in D agency after social media po said very sad.

The D club, which was able to solve the crime, broke T-ara's "crowding out gate" five years ago in February".

T-ara is a popular Korean women's group, once PK can fall away from the youth group. But because the member Hwayoung came in 2012 were excluded and forced all the negative news T-ARA League, lead to the loss of a large number of fans began to go downhill.

In this year, the D agency will reverse, after a thorough investigation of the matter "interviewed 6 former T-ARA staff, the truth gradually surfaced.

When the English foot injury, failed to participate in rehearsals, and members of the "differences of will", becoming the main reason for crowding out the door. However, according to D's interview with the staff members, Xiao Min, a member of the league, tried to take the initiative to mediate with the flower and the british.

While looking for no fruit, and the other side of the English sister, filial piety, eager to sister, once in communications software threatened T-ARA member Ya Lin.

At that time, but these have not been fans know, in the absence of several Hwayoung group activities, to the fans in the eyes of only T-ara member Hwayoung exclusion "," forced the flower eat rice cake "," Hyomin Zhahua British Eyes "and" Jiyeon Hwayoung and don't clap "rumors.

This time the D agency will behind all the facts and collected at the scene of the sort of colleagues described, and finally help T-ARA back off 5 years of infamy.

Detective D's skills in solving a crime are also reflected in the excavation of a star's family background.

In March this year, D news agency found the famous actor Jiang Dongyuan in the movie "MIX magazine for secretly deleted MOVIE" published on "Japanophile finishing children" and "Independence Army children" list information about themselves, and silently in the name "damage the reputation of the intention to eliminate the relationship between her and grandfather.

The D service has been fiddling, deep grilled, Bachu Gang Dong Won in a 2007 interview once said that his grandfather Li Zhongwan is very powerful, is the president of gold enterprises.

Jiang Dongyuan and the grandfather and eager to disassociate themselves, because his grandfather is japanophile.

After detailed reporting by D, South Korean netizens said they were disappointed with Jiang Dongyuan, and that fans' popularity was plummeting.

So, the D agency once again forced Jiang Dongyuan's company YG immediately issued a statement (every time the company was pushed to the wall, ha ha) trying to put the slops in person.

Although a little redeemed Jiang Dongyuan in the hearts of fans image, but many passers-by of Jiang Dongyuan's favor is no longer exist.

D club in addition to be grilled beyond the material, will also star HD beauty when do regular relaxation in public welfare to the fans, even set up D Mito plate for fans to pick up.

These pictures mainly range from daily to star shooting or from airport street. And these stars are different from the other 500 pixels of the site, D public is 5000 pixels super HD map!

HD burst event graph

America to the crying airport Street

Kill the whole court portrait photo

D photography is really cosmetic grade, every map to achieve "even if not fans will love at first sight", really want to issue a history of the Conscience Award for their paparazzi.

D club is really the paparazzi circles a stream, exposure of love, love is a case, high-definition movies for fans to lick the screen, "a taste of a true taste of sugar shit" exists.

Because of the explosion, and guards skills too large and too low-key mystery identity, even many people suspect that D is the government agency to deceive the public, frequent exposure of star private life, in order to cover up the political scandal with entertainment news (sniff out thick political intrigue taste).

After the entertainment the depth of mining, but also found a lot of honey coincidence place, you want to make? Welcome from top entertainment, feeling D Club legend set!

Add attention!