Celebrities don't recognize cosmetic surgery Joker is an exception! Most stars say they only cut double eyelids

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Celebrities don't recognize cosmetic surgery Joker is an exception! Most stars say they only cut double eyelids

2017-05-20 01:44:59 827 ℃

Today, many small partners feel that the stars are so beautiful, maybe not pure, but with some external forces to make themselves more beautiful! So, everyone in the court who do not recognize the plastic star, but that there are always exceptions. The celebrities today say are generous to tell their own pursuit of beauty experience!

He Jie

He Jie before attending an interview program, revealed that every day because of his double eyelid stickers lead to eyelid loose, so went to cut the double eyelid!

Not only that, in 2010, He Jie admitted in the mango show that his straight nose came from the "artificial carving" pen.

In the program, talking about their perfect straight nose type, He Jie is not taboo, frankly to the host admitted that the nose is long. See a scene in an uproar, He Jie also easily and the host joked: "if you want me to give you the cosmetic, doctor!"


Many people may think Joker had partial nose hypertrophy, face relatively wide. (but in the baby, I don't think it's so bad.)! He's always handsome!

Joker for 2006 and 2016 netizens questioned his change of appearance and did not deny. Joker once issued a micro-blog, which inadvertently admitted doing micro integration. But Joker this move is really more ring powder.

Yan Ni

Yan Ni was in the "super visit" that is the eyelid do, many people say that now more than 40 year old Yan Ni Xu Qing to america! In fact, I think "Tong shopkeeper" single eyelid or double eyelid are good-looking, to a young when she green photo:

Qi Wei

Qi Wei just debuted, many friends are Tucao, Qi Wei's eyes are really small! But Qi Wei, who had cut his eyelid, was indeed a great circle! Now Qi Wei has uploaded the video to eye makeup Oh, you can go to look at the search!

Jin Sha

October 27, 2016, actress Jin Sha drying out a self timer in micro-blog, said: "South Korea made a single eyelid, people say I am expected to become the most chunky supermodel."!!!" This micro-blog, a few minutes to comment on the explosion of the pot, more netizens said with a smile: "forty-eight years old sky.".

To be honest, compared to Jin Sha now ", or" amorous feelings ", the eighteen year old sky", "Lan Feilin"!

Zheng Shuang

Now many of the female star of his appearance changes are secretive, the media remained silent, but our cool girl directly saying "yes, my face, because I feel not beautiful" straightforward, the reporter killed a be taken by surprise!

In the entertainment world, the most taboo star is said to be plastic surgery, so it's really hard to admit yourself! And the beauty of the heart, there are people, as Li Xiaolu said: "as long as the means of security, the pursuit of beauty is understandable."!

Liu Yan

In 2015, Liu Yan in an interview, publicly admitted that he did the whole volume, played a face lift needle. Her candid attitude has made netizens applaud!

Liu Yan interviewed said he had played a face lift needle, but because it will affect the filming of the expression and acting state, so later abandoned. As for why now or face lift, she said with a smile: "because collagen lost."". Girl is an upright!

Zhang Meng

Zhang Meng's change, believe that needless to say more? The young girl abruptly became red net.

In fact, Zhang Meng is a sensible person, she knew that the audience can easily see where their change, denial will only appear his nonsensical. In this respect, Zhang Meng's attitude towards himself is excellent!

Zhang Yuqi

In last year's release of the "Mermaid" Zhang Yuqi beauty inside a new height, in addition to a large chest is to steal the spotlight, Zhang Yuqi Yan is also a color value, the eyelid is more natural, upper eyelid fold not too deep, make-up eyes are beautiful without a sense of violation. (indeed, the eyelid is a good thing!)

Hailu Qin

Hailu Qin is a guest on the show to Venus exposed the aniseed, is about love Li Houlin, and is admitted to the micro cosmetic issue, it seems that she is personality straightforward person, but the baby feel should be cut a double fold, ha ha ha!

Hailu Qin, who had finished his double eyelids, was almost as big as Liu Tao. Ha ha ha ha!

Not only that, Hailu Qin did not deny, she felt that this thing is no excuse to stall the past, the explanation will only appear hypocritical.

For Hailu Qin, her attitude is "cut or cut," what's wrong?"

However, she explained that the reason why she cut her eyelid was not because she loved her eyes, but because her eyes were inflamed. At that time, the doctor said, if not cut, and later will gradually affect the eyesight, so Hailu Qin in must have cut, and after cutting for a long time, Hailu Qin are not used to their appearance.

Some netizens said: "although Hailu Qin cut a pair of eyelids, skin changed individuals, but I still love her."!

A lot of people like her, probably because she has a high standard of choice and she is also a representative of the acting school, so the films she produces are basically excellent.

Well, that's all for today. We can talk about it. We'll see it in the comments section!

Ha ha ha ha!!!

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