Entertainment in the least attention to maintenance of a couple here! Play surfing and lose all your values

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Entertainment in the least attention to maintenance of a couple here! Play surfing and lose all your values

2017-05-20 01:45:07 378 ℃

This article originally from WeChat public number "wild animal entertainment", micro signal: yeshoupaiyule

These two days on the stage in Cannes, we haven't seen Japanese king Takuya Kimura for a long time. However, God has not seen for a long time by the media and netizens exclaimed: "this time Shazhu Dao, finally in God's face left a mark!"

The frightened me, fortunately found another group to compensate the injured dirty soap flakes carefully,

I do not know the background or the lighting, today the second sets of black piece wooden village god, does not seem so haggard with.

Well, let me enlarge it for you

Remember in 2004, the great God Kimura first took the scene of Cannes! At that time, Kimura's great God, with his work "2046" and a large Hongkong coffee, walked along the red carpet. At that time, he was the most popular actor in the long hair at the top of his head

In contrast to the two Cannes Film Festival, some netizens could not help sighing, "my male god is old."!" "I can't believe it."!"

But there are also very calm netizens said, male god old, but the charm is still unabated

There are friends eventually tell the truth, that is, Kimura great God does not love maintenance, like surfing, but do not apply sunscreen, exacerbated by skin aging. This estimate is also one of the reasons why Kimura's great God seems so old

When it comes to surfing, it's well known that Kimura is a big fan of surfing. There have also been reports of pictures taken by Mr. and Mrs. Kimura on a surfing date

Two couples have been married for 17 years, and the same old couple can surf together. It's really enviable

Oh, yes, this is Kimura's sister-in-law, Shizuka Kudo

Wow, this is the face and black than N degrees of God Kimura?

Skilled movements, it is a senior game player have an easy control in the matter, surfing.

Pick up the board, thumbs up, yeah, yeah, know you're NO.1!

Surfing while doing public service

So, Kimura, who loves surfing so much, has a habit of mystery, but he doesn't like sunscreen. He thought, "well, if you put on sunscreen, it's very slippery. Surfing is too dangerous, and sunscreen gets into your eyes.". So, firmly do not rub sunscreen.

So, it's getting darker and darker. Therefore, the age is only on the one hand, do not pay attention to skin care is the great God Kimura rapid aging important reason.

Because a long time surfing exposure, exacerbated by sunlight damage on the skin, and accelerated aging

And there are rumors that, Kimura because know that sunscreen will pollute the ocean, so no need to ~!

And about surfing, Kimura great God also has his own experience, for him, every time surfing can give him the feeling of heartbeat

Kimura, the great God who loves surfing, has also got a surfing license. Is this the rhythm of being a coach?

But what is the biggest gain for him in surfing? It is said that in 1999, Kimura and their Kudo have been hurt, that in order to heal, everyone playing the surf, and the two "reduced the same person" and met in the surf.

In addition to surfing, the two couples share a common interest in fishing. Another big exposure exercise (brain pain, ing), and Kimura is a senior in this sport. It is said that two couples often go fishing at the beach together

Kimura great God on the program also rarely make-up, this look, but also so much like some outdoor sports he, this maintenance efforts really not enough, oh, no wonder netizens will say: "why is the old man so old?"" This is also estimated that the entertainment is not the most maintenance of the couple, right? Don't believe it? Take a look at the wooden village, "Bai Bai", but also by exposure to harm.

Once you see, Shizuka Kudo is like this, a pure and pleasant image of the young woman. In the last century in 90s, but she is popular in Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan singer. Shizuka was also known as the Japanese Idol type finally a miracle

In addition, Shizuka is also involved in record producer and music lyrics. Love painting, many film and album design have her opinion in it, the Japanese arts community has gradually put her as a woman

Both face gentle tenderness

Or face a pure, lovely, is enough to become at that time "Indoorsman goddess"

She'll always be like her next door sister

When Takuya Kimura, a Japanese superstar, announced his marriage at the concert in December 5, 2000, Shizuka Kudo, who was originally regarded as a "dream lover", immediately became a public enemy of Japanese women

Because the object is married in the son, or Japanese women most want to marry actor Takuya Kimura, everyone's attitude to Shizuka Kudo immediately changed 180 degrees, and often came two people divorce rumors

In 2001, two people's eldest daughter, the heart beauty was born, although many netizens praised the little sister inherited the husband and wife two excellent genes

But still can not change, Shizuka Kudo almost every year in the "Japanese women hate female star" top of the list

Plus in recent years, a sharp decline in the value of Shizuka Kudo Yan, you see now that Shizuka Kudo may have become a Jiangzi

There are reports that former pure and pleasant Mrs. king, now on a program to sing a song, was saying: "laugh conceal wrinkles" (Qiazhiyisuan, she is 47 years old, this is also It's only human. wrinkles.)

In a program, Shizuka was photographed this again called "sallow face".

The so-called no comparison no harm, or with the young post some comparison, this contrast can not describe it

Recently, when she village Yan values a little bit when picked up, it has been said "sallow faced" girl, was moving through the knife on the face

Looking at the value of the sharp decline in Shizuka Kudo, many users have given the "bad comment", has not only bad assessment, and many people accused her, "simply leave the stage is not better?""

Once these comments were made:

"She was ugly like an old man, not care to let the sun getting mutilated, supercilious attitude is really regrettable"

"Dry hair dark eyebrows, looks old, thought it was a sick man"

"Like an old woman, she doesn't hate her, but it's amazing how real she is.""

But in fact, Shizuka Kudo Yan value change, a big reason is that surfing was surfing board hit, causing facial distortion. The accident caused Shizuka nasal fracture bleeding, broken teeth, and now speak visible facial distortion

Although surfing has been almost disfigured, but whenever it comes to surfing, Shizuka Kudo will still show a girlish smile, even if injured also love

Today, Shizuka Kudo, despite public opinion, still takes good care of the family and develops other interests, such as designing jewelry and winning a great deal of honor

Her love for painting finally won her approval. In Tokyo, the National Art Museum held this event, Shizuka works won awards in more than 3 thousand selected works for the work piece. At the same time, since 1990 for the first time to participate in the exhibition Shizuka, has been selected to 15, but the chosen is the first time. The artist who won the award used to have only actor Isaka Koji

Not to mention that Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo are the most unlikely couples in the circle, leading to a straight decline in both values. It is better to say that our idol has not changed, but that we are still 20 years old

Once everyone's impression of Takuya Kimura is that although the skin is dark, but it was Xipinenrou

Short hair, he relaxed, the sun

Originally, the boy tie up hair, can also so good-looking

Singing songs is so glamorous

And the attractive figure

Occasionally a magic eye, tease you many.

Although these years, many netizens said that the village god great Yan collapse

Could not help but pose some heartbreaking picture: middle-aged Takuya Kimura, flabby cheeks, eye ptosis, deep nasolabial folds is obvious, it is an older man.

But who hasn't been young? Who can remain young forever? Although it is not love maintenance, but they are to live the whims of self, Yan value aside, the thought of their own life, this is not cool?