Of course Michelle Chen knew Chariene Choi divorced her ah, please be a bridesmaid for a reason.

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Of course Michelle Chen knew Chariene Choi divorced her ah, please be a bridesmaid for a reason.

2016-07-21 00:11:57 815 ℃

Michelle Chen is known as the history of the most beautiful bridesmaids, in fact, someone who is not here, it is Chariene Choi.

Michelle Chen and Chariene Choi are good bestie Zhongxin Tong, and two individual Yan values are the number one, it must be on the guest list.

Unfortunately, the only Zhongxin tong.

Charlene Choi said that he was very sorry, but did not say why not clear to, but I was flipping through the pages of the homepage of Zhongxin Tong found Choi grandma passed away.

Say no funeral aside, Charlene Choi worry Baishi, ruin the happiness of chenyanxi. Indeed, Ma Thelxiaoya not able to attend the.

Then, Chariene Choi this warm heart move moments infected with the media, have lamented sister friendship.

However, the warm after the heart of the action, a sharp eyed people have a doubt, why do you want to invite Charlene Choi, but she divorced.

That year, Chariene Choi and Ronald Cheng divorce, is excited, tears conference.

But divorce does not seem to be Charlene Choi fetters, when Yumiko marries, Charlene Choi openly to when the maid of honor.

May be in Hongkong, no one talk so much.

But this time to Beijing, but to a lot of people against, even if there is no grandmother this, said divorced not to give a person a bridesmaid.

You said you too, a day of leisure, parties, Chen couples don't know Charlene Choi divorced, that since they dare ask, they don't care about, is a lively figure, play, the way to enhance the increasing value of the topic and Yan.

Imagine, if Chariene Choi came, Twins fit this topic but a little big oh.

In Western weddings, most weddings are held in the church, and the church is holy and serious place. Indeed, only single unmarried men and women can serve as best man or is the role of a bridesmaid.

But, back to the local, and not so many constraints, as long as the friend bestie, happy, happy.

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