A dream of Red Mansions 30 years again, the actors will follow Buddhism, obsessed with false die

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A dream of Red Mansions 30 years again, the actors will follow Buddhism, obsessed with false die

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The 87 edition of "dream of Red Mansions" has become the fate of "there is no" line, and secretly confirmed their life trajectory.

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In June, Ouyang Fenjiang, 54, appeared frequently at railway stations and airports. The 87 edition of "the dream of Red Mansions" broadcast 30th anniversary of the preparations for the party is drawing to an end, for him, can relax a little, waiting for old friends from all over the place.

He got from the crew after the dissolution has not appeared in public "qinkeqing" Zhang Lei, also welcome back the "sister Mei Yuan Chun", "Yuan Ying, the four sisters to cherish" for the first time with a box.

"Yuan, welcome, explore, cherish," four sisters to the first block diagram / Ouyang Fenjiang, micro-blog

In addition to director Wang Fulin, screenwriter Zhou Ling, behind the scenes heroes of photography, art, clothing and props, are also invited.

Everyone expects this to be a great event where nobody is absent.

But before leaving early, buying the ticket. "Xue Baochai" Zhang Li burst of kidney stones in hospital, so that the party in June 17th, "Bao Chai Feng" four, only "Jia Baoyu" Ouyang Fenjiang and Jie Deng "Wang Xifeng".

"But" the death of Chen Xiaoxu, "she" Zhang Li can't come. The memory image Chinese in the "mourning with their gold jade" a dream of Red Mansions ", it became a reality.

First sight and good bye

The first time I saw Zhou Ling, is located in Beijing east city of Victoria in his home in the courtyard full of flowers, quiet and a little sound could be heard clearly.

Zhou Lingxian is quietly making a pot of tea, an opening, to pull into the memories: "visiting the Grand View Garden, Jia Miaoyu take you to say I don't eat there to drink tea, Lu'an tea, Miaoyu answer, know that this is the Laojun eyebrow -- and I make is Laojun eyebrow."

At the age of 67, Zhou Ling was the earliest screenwriter to enter the dream of the Red Mansion, because he was tall and talented and very popular with the cast. He was also one of the teaching instructors at that time, analyzing the main characters of the dream of the Red Mansion for the actors.

Taiwan are new youth faces, salesman, shoe factory workers, office clerk, theatre actor, play the game on. Zhou Ling asked, "how many people have read a dream of Red Mansions?" Few hands raised their hands. Some people mischievously asked, "villain book" count?

The actor Bao Yu Ouyang Fenjiang doesn't read "a dream of Red Mansions", he is the last one in the group, everyone has entered the "preparation", "Jia Lian" Gao Hongliang with his first meeting with Chen Xiaoxu, "this is Ouyang Fenjiang, Bao Yu; Lin, Chen Xiaoxu."

It was the Old Summer Palace of April 1984, and the peak of happiness in these people's memories. This period of time later was called "sisters into the garden", more girls, mostly eighteen, nine years old, twitter, very lively.

Since then, from Anhui to Mount Huangshan and started shooting the first lens group, has traveled to 41 districts in 10 provinces in China and 219 spots, 87 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" to the creators and the audience with a dream.

Chen Xiaoxu later wrote an article, the shooting day called "dream three years", she wrote in April of that year the Old Summer Palace always lingering, peach blossom in full bloom, winding path, and in order to get the ideal role or laugh or cry girls. She also wrote, I hope the vicissitudes of the world, do not erase their former innocence.

But dreams have deadlines.

Filming, the crew at the time of the new CCTV (now old address) eat a farewell dinner, a lot of people cried, the men stuffy head drinking, smoking, some people in order not to let the tears flow down, head to the ceiling.

The "light" the yuan to Chen Xiaoxu toast, two drama continued for 3 years, Yuan Mei said: "we're in a truce. Say something, there's no gunpowder." Chen Xiaoxu tilted his head and asked, "will we still have a chance to fight in the future?""

Later, the "dream of Red Mansions" aired successfully, in the cultural shortage, almost every household smell "frowning" sad, the night, people became known to every family star.

Take advantage of the heat, some actors to participate in the two-year zouxue performances. Others go abroad, study, pick up other actors, continue acting, or get married, have children, return to the average person's day.

Half ride

This 30 years, beyond the 87 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" sequel has not appeared, with the death of Chen Xiaoxu and the 2010 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" the one, it is to the national memory of the temple.

No one mentioned "the feast of dreams" in a dream of red mansions. The last 10 years, the crew often meet, starting 25th anniversary, launched in 25th anniversary, Hebei Zhengding rongguofu built 30th anniversary, Cao Xueqin birthday 300th anniversary...... There are friends in private small Syria: "Granny Liu" Sha Yuhua eighty birthday, the birthday of Wang Fulin director, screenwriter Zhou Ling to dinner, almost can see their creative figure.

The 87 edition of "the dream of Red Mansions" broadcasts 30th anniversary parties, Jie Deng and Ouyang Fenjiang take a group photo.

Last month, the 87 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" on the 30th anniversary approaches, especially this one party, "Wang" that's a "cherish spring" treat everyone, tuibeihuanzhan, share their praise for 30 years before the time of youth.

Now, Jie Deng, 60, has been able to laugh at parties. "Wang Xifeng" role competition the most intense, no odds, she saw the wall a big, small, two spiders, big is white, small is red, white spider climb fast, red spider how to chase, also cannot catch up.

Jie Deng is the red spider. And the "rational" situation, at the age of 27, she knew that this is his life must seize the opportunity.

Before entering the Old Summer Palace, Jie Deng is an ordinary actor Sichuan Sichuan Opera Troupe, dark and thin, small stature, throw in the crowd unremarkable.

In the troupe for several years, can only play girl servant all the time. Finally a row of modern opera, a station, uniform leadership said that the short change.

At that time she was competing against "Wang" is the classics, tall, born with slanting eyes, beauty is the first crew recognized.

Zhou Ling recalled, Jie Deng was often chasing behind you. Ask, how do the character of "Wang Xifeng". Do your homework and went to the stone stone is acting, "Liu grandmother", "Lin Daiyu" and "Lian zhong".

The stones of Old Summer Palace bear witness to Jie Deng's tears. Sometimes she is jealous of the beauty of music, sometimes complain about why they can not live a few centimeters high.

Suffering and rivalry, the fate of Jie Deng to offer gift, she declined, she successfully got the role of "Wang".

And had almost become a "rational" melodies, later removed to Hongkong, to become a big star dream, is Youfuzhifu. Abandoned, finally unbearable shame, jumped from the 13 floor.

A good friend of Wang Xifeng is Qin Keqing who died early in the play. Zhang Lei, the great actress who showed off her shoulders in television, once appeared in various versions of gossip. For example, the big fat, bankrupt, down and out, people wishful thinking of her fate associated with the role of the drama.

This year, when Zhang Lei came back, we knew she was in the middle of her life. She studied abroad in 80s and is now the chief financial officer of a technology company.

Zhang Lei didn't play much, but the dream of "Red Chamber" brought her brand is not obvious. But many Americans are aware of the "Dream of Red Mansions", occasionally mentioned, she felt the dream.

If I never met

"Madame Xing" plays the role of Xia Minghui, and is also one of the creators of the dream. As a director assistant, she has been looking for and selecting actors all over the country before the shooting of the dream of the red mansion.

Xia Minghui, who appeared in a gallery in Beijing, took out 3 albums. These 3 albums record the full time of the 87 edition of the dream of red mansions. The people in the album, set in youth, album outside, Xia Minghui watched these people become famous, old.

A dream of Red Mansions is a great gift from fate. Sometimes 80 year old Xia Minghui would also like to think, if these children did not meet "dream of the Red Chamber", their life will be like?.

Most people would probably not be better than they are now. Of course, there was someone else who made her wonder: "did she pick the wrong one?""

For example, Ma Guangru, who plays "Jia Rui", died in 1996, the cause of death was alcoholism.

Xia Minghui still remember the first time to see the horse Guangru situation in Anqing Huangmei Opera Troupe, a young boy costume and paint a play, like a Jia Baoyu. But the unloading of the makeup, she immediately see several pock on the face of Ma Guangru.

Xia Minghui gave an interview with Ma Guangru, and charged him, must face a cure.

After a period of time again, Xia Minghui's heart sank: Malaysia Guangru the smallpox is not cured, the hair is untidy, unkempt appearance not a "gem" of the shadow. Xia Minghui scolded a few words, Ma Guangru was crying.

Ma Guangru later played in the drama because of the loss of color "Jia Rui", but 6 years old read through the dream of Red Mansions, life to "Jia Baoyu" as he himself, has never been able to get out of the hearts of the fans.

In the theater when the horse, "Lin" Guangru fell in love with Chen Xiaoxu, even as she attempted ambition; after life, he was accompanied by wine, spirits to recite a poem, a stick is: "Han Tang Ying Du crane, bury flowers". When he died, his grave is a dream of Red Mansions "and a flute.

It was 1996, the 87 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" is just one of many TV plays a far from later praised highly, the actors are not closely linked, Ma Guangru died almost silently.

According to Ma Guangru friend later recalled, he died on the same day, the local television is the 87 version of "a dream of Red Mansions" in "Wang Xifeng design bureau that poison Acacia" sets the vision of life "Jia Baoyu" Ma Guangru, eventually could not escape the fate of Jia Rui.

"Her" played by Chen Honghai, is one of the few friends know that one of Ma Guangru's death, "death is illegible, is completely crazy."

It needs to be carefully recognized so as to find the shadow of "stay king" in Chen Honghai's face. He also said it was not clear whether the tragic story of Ma Guangru is doomed, or the fate of coincidence, "but in 30 years, what is not normal grief at separation and joy in union?" Chen Honghai sigh.

Later on, Chen Xiaoxu died. Second years after her death, a 29 year old board player died of Li Yue's car accident.

At that time, "Granny Liu" Sha Yuhua was 78 years old, many people stopped her and refused to let her go to Li Yue's funeral. But Sha Yuhua still insisted on appearing, with great grief, sent the "little grandson" the final journey.

The dead have passed away, and the living man has gone through the loneliness and disappointment of life. He has become a middle-aged man who has been cut by time.

Many people are out of marriage or have no children. Early filming busy, Ouyang Fenjiang died a son. Jie Deng also expressed tears in the program, the biggest regret of life, is not able to have their own children.

In the end, Italy is difficult

"A dream of Red Mansions" after the end, Ouyang Fenjiang to 30 years director of flame, now white haired.

He had spent most of his life trying to shake off the shadow of Jia Baoyu. Recording of "art of life" that year, in the face of Zhu Jun's question, he revealed the obvious unwilling and helpless: "I directed the drama of the various awards China take over, but no one to let the audience feel particularly good."

This year, Ouyang Fenjiang's film "sly eye" release, the final box office 1 million 530 thousand, watercress score 3.2. Compared to the bad comment, the more embarrassing is the few concerned. Some moviegoers said, is being stopped the tickets in the supermarket, just go to see the film.

Have know the fate of the old, middle-aged body. Ouyang Fenjiang finally ended his "Jia Baoyu" confrontation, he put the name of WeChat and micro-blog are changed to Ouyang Baoyu, WeChat opened the public number one of the same name, registered a company called "red gem" of the company.

Launched to raise the public, her crew reunited, publishing books, concert...... Back in the "Jia Baoyu" shell, Ouyang Fenjiang have the ability -- a hundred responses to a single call more people to accept the "treasure elder brother", instead of director Ouyang Fenjiang.

Xia Minghui saw clearly, she described the TV play "dream of Red Mansions", "belongs to a beautiful accident in 80s."".

"The more important characters are, the harder it is to break that role."." Xia Minghui says.

Later, many actors have made great achievements and changed careers early. That's why. Not how good they played, but they were too much like that role. "Chen Xiaoxu said that in particular, and what she plays is like Lin Daiyu playing other roles."

Zhou Ling recalled, around 1990, Chen Xiaoxu looking for him. At that time Chen Xiaoxu still wants to develop in the entertainment circle, filming and moonlighting money almost, rent a house, even children are not very nervous, in the face of Zhou Ling, took out a tape, let him guide performance.

The film is called "black grapes", Chen Xiaoxu plays a country girl, from story to performance is very mediocre, no bright spot.

"Black grapes" stills

Zhou Ling said bluntly, "Xiao Xu, you can't take this kind of play later. It's not for you."."

Chen Xiaoxu silent for a while before opening: "Zhou teacher, where there is a" dream of Red Mansions "for me to shoot it?"

The dream of Red Mansions has become a turning point in many people's lives, but it is also a high point that can not be climbed.

As an onlooker, Li Yaozong, the cameraman of the TV series, framed the group's most youthful looks with the lens, and made them merge with the characters of the novel. But he kept insisting, "the past is the past, and the roles and the actors should be separated."."

He does not love outside of the 87 edition of Chen Xiaoxu in particular give strained interpretations and draw farfetched analogies. Two people have been friends for many years. Li Yaozong has helped Chen Xiaoxu's company a lot. "Can a Lin Daiyu manage a big company like that?""

The death of Chen Xiaoxu, he still felt pity, it is a story of fear, but the onlookers repeated beautification, death became a "good thing".

Li Yaozong thinks Ouyang Fenjiang is different, the other has been presented to the outside world "a dream, never wake up" state, and he felt that everyone dreams should wake up: "a dream of Red Mansions" is just a small stage."

Chance is hard to decide

"Xiangling" who played Chen Jianyue to wake up from the dream.

She has worked in micro-blog wrote, "I love to tell the truth, I love the character of xiangling. But I really didn't do it well. If (now) or the age, I will create a very bright xiangling."

Chen Jianyue and her husband Hou Changrong are the few actors who still perform in the dream of the Red Mansion, who play the roles of the North King and Liu Xianglian in the play. The two met fell in love in the play, the crew of a story.

As professional actors, there is a similar affliction between the two. Chen Jianyue explains many mother's role, kind, patient, split, but often mentioned, or that childhood being trafficked, abducted was forced to marry Xue Pan for his "bitter xiangling". Hou Changrong is, he almost played over all actor of TV drama opera but in 90s come into fashion, people's memory, he is still the king, to stay live up to third sister Liu Xianglian.

The influence of this role is pervasive. Chen Jianyue and Hou Changrong jointly participate in a big show is about to be staged, the main character is Sun Li, every time I see her, Sun Li will say, think she is old man, especially old temperament.

But Chen Jianyue would not only stay in the "xiangling". She has very little about "Xiangling" message forwarding. Last year, she gave birth to a serious illness, but did not disclose to outsiders, "people will put me and Xiangling equate, too exaggerated. I want the audience to see my change and progress."

There are almost 10 years and was also very high loud "Lian Zhong conflict" identity, as "a dream of Red Mansions" in the scenes after Jia Baoyu's romantic handsome male role, "Jia Lian" was how he tore it tear off the label. A trip to Beijing, take a taxi, the driver immediately close to the sentence: "Yo, putting you back Lian!"

"A dream of Red Mansions" make the most of the actor's life turning to extremely smooth, but chose the most stupid high loud. He review the information hidden in the pages of the script, the back end lines on the back of test material, finished shooting the film, also got the drama notice, "it was felt that" a dream of Red Mansions "is just a starting point, after the road is still very long life."

He later participated in the "Kangxi Dynasty" and many other public praise, has become a director called a call to the past will be able to play the mature actor.

But the reality is cruel, "the dream of Red Mansions" is still the highest point of his performance. Gao Hongliang unwilling: "everyone's applause is for Jia Lian, but I hope that is to my performance."

30 years is enough to make the film and television environment change upside down, high sonorous feel, now feel at ease, acting have become luxury. He is now the age of the father of the little meat, "sometimes it really can't be played, the other side will not."." And the director said directly, "Mr. Gao, you leave him alone. You can play by imagination."."

After middle age, the feeling of turning away disappears, and the high tone starts to notice, and the chance of life is difficult to decide.

Early into the cast for the role, Jia Lian has more than 20 people, he had no acting experience, seems to be a most no chance. Finally announced that he played "Jia chain", a young man in anger, went directly to the director of the room crying. Now enough acting experience, the real world and no good acting opportunities.

Who knows where the smell is?

"No hero, succeed by luck", until today, Zhou Ling still has thousands of regret, "the 87 version of" a dream of Red Mansions "can do better, but no chance."

Time dragged people go beyond the 87 edition of the aftercrop does not appear, but the descendants of excessive pursuit, let Zhou Ling felt unbelievable.

He maintained a lecture 30 years ago when the habit still tube the actors called "children", reminding people to middle-aged children don't expand, they just lucky in a special time, only this.

The flood of lyrical and cheering soon consumed the advice. Zhou Ling also understand that if there is no "dream of Red Mansions", these people are just ordinary people in the crowd. But even with the dream of Red Mansions, they were later just ordinary middle-aged people in the crowd.

30th anniversary as the party approached, all the actresses were nervously preparing for the day. They wanted to shine in public view and try to take some time off.

Some people are willing to stand in the center of the stage, others clearly say that they will not appear, and others are willing to watch from afar, or just want to take this opportunity to meet old friends who haven't seen each other for a long time.

But in any case, the 87 edition of "dream of Red Mansions" has become the fate of "there is no" line, and secretly confirmed their life trajectory.

Director Wang Fulin has every day to read "a dream of Red Mansions" poetry writers to fall asleep, Zhou Ling is the most popular dream expert, regularly to university lectures, like 30 years ago, let young people know the charm of a dream of Red Mansions ".

A perceptual pie, "Lin Daiyu" Chen Xiaoxu died of illness, "she" played by Zhang Jinglin renamed Anwen, her boyfriend of 23 years imprisonment for fraud, misappropriation of more than 10 million of her savings, Anwen was forced to return money, life entangled in "love" word above. "Miaoyu" actor Ji Peijie changed his name to Ji Yu, painstaking xiufo.

Now stand firm in the old "Baoyu" beside, is "light", "spring", "Wang Xifeng", which belongs to Cao Xueqin's rational one, as if the reproduction of some rules play destiny selection.

"Jia chain" high round home, still squarely with an old version of "a dream of Red Mansions". "Her" Chen Honghai calligraphy, wrote most of the three words, is "a dream of Red Mansions", he moved many times, when filming the "dream of Red Mansions" when the script has been with me. "Yuan Chun", "Mei Cheng" and "cherishing spring", Hu Zehong's WeChat head, are still their screenshots in the 87 edition of "dream of the red chamber".

"Cherishing the spring", Hu Zehong is also one of Chen Xiaoxu's good friends in life, and the role of the same drama, she believed in the Buddha, always remind yourself that you can not be obsessed.

Once, she dreamed of Chen Xiaoxu, far away, misty, Chen Xiaoxu dressed in "Lin Daiyu" clothes, that is, the way the TV drama, far from laughing at her.

That was the only time Hu Zehong had dreamed of Chen Xiaoxu. "We will continue to grow old. Only those who are gone will be young forever."".

Per person interaction

In the 87 edition of "the dream of the Red Chamber", which character impressed you?

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