"Chu Qiao biography" 16 beautiful woman element Yan competition, the disparity smallest is she, young is good

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"Chu Qiao biography" 16 beautiful woman element Yan competition, the disparity smallest is she, young is good

2017-07-06 19:01:13 1891 ℃

Costume drama has always been popular ratings, with a large audience, following the "third generation III ten li peach blossom", "Chu Chuan" explosion is also expected. The imperial power struggle, Nirvana rebirth of the blood, or feelings, are necessary Men's feelings are changeable. grief at separation and joy in union practice, learned that successful. No man is perfect, the play has no end of play, although there are many shortcomings have been criticized, still not affect the enthusiasm of everyone chasing drama.

In addition to the attractive plot, the actors and actresses won the same prize. Zhao Liying as a new generation of TV actress, already proved high popularity and appeal. Lin update in the "startling step by step", once again took out his masterpiece, remarkable performance. There are men seeking Lang origin Dou Xiao, experienced eight years, not warm, and ultimately with this play powder countless. Beauty is the beautiful silk costumes Costume Standard, "Chu Joe" nature is not missing, the actress different temperament, beautiful, pure, clever always have a meet your aesthetic. Under their makeup Yan burst table values, but also the most natural state of regression as beautiful?

From the actor to women, Zhao Liying and Chuqiao as inspirational performing experience. She does not have the kind of aggressive beauty, but like the girl next door in general, natural without affectation. As Zhao Liying makeup richly adorned or plainly dressed, a bit more lovely, a pair of big eyes still so bright.

From innocence to subtly malicious cold, "Chu Joe biography" Li Qin blackening the people. Although she is not flow to win the actress, but has been a great audience edge, pure and pleasant temperament popular among the people, the girl who likes to laugh regardless of make-up is not beautiful.

The impression of Li Ruojia, in addition to "together with the window" of the school beauty, that is, Zhang Rui girlfriend. "Chu Joe biography" in Zhong Yu, Yan Xun devoted to follow, the righteous enough by all the people. Su Yan in addition to some dark circles, Yan value is still online.

After Ning Sun and Wang Xuebing divorced a few years time somewhat quiet, "Joe" in the distinguished air of elegance and coquetry Chu Wei imperial concubine, let her return to the public eye. Can only say that time is getting, 14 years ago, stunning screen housewife, has long been a beautiful dinner by age.

As Yang Mi's love, Huang Mengying by virtue of "Sansheng III, ten li peach," the "Su Jin" quickly became popular. As the South beam Princess Xiao Yu in "Chu Joe biography", a wise and bold infatuation, set up perfect. She's still pretty after makeup, just a little less glamorous.

A group of photos, let South Sheng overnight hot network, and then Signing company officially entered the performing arts circle, but five years seems to have nothing to get the hands of the works. It was a big challenge for her to play the bad woman Lan Shuyi in "Jo Jo Zhuan". The makeup she is a lovely girl, but not the name of the red net.

"Chu Joe biography" in Jin Cai girl with a delicate and touching face is not how to please the role as Jin candle Valet, everywhere and Chuqiao. Do you think Wang Yu and Lai Yumeng are a little bit alike? Only 23 years old. She is still full of girlish fans.

Meng Feng was a cold-blooded and not nearly the sensibilities of the female killer, after the encounter and his men become Yu yue. You may not be familiar with the court Ziyi, she had sourdrang maid Su Mo son in "lonely" in court to late spring. After the removal of Meng Feng, soft temperament outside, but also a little older.

Two years ago and Wang Sicong tearing on the network, so that Zhu Shengyi overnight attracted much attention. "Chu Joe biography" in her speech Chuqiao favorite sister. Eight, egoistic scheming heavy. Honestly, Zhu Shengyi is the kind of makeup makeup than good actress, but more eye margin for the audience.

"Chu Joe biography" in the small cute beauty temperament form, a good heart of a good girl. Miao Miao plays the backing is not small, it is Feng Xiaogang's new movie "green" heroine, a born beauty makeup appearance, do not fear to attend the conference.

The princess Zama high status, unruly character but not lovely, for four times to deal with chuqiao. Corelle, like Angelababy, has the unique beauty of the hybrid, even though the makeup is very solid.

Although it was a humble servant girl, she picked up Wei and sacrificed her life for the great princess. She explained what true loyalty was. As soon as the debut of new people, Yang can participate in "Chu Chuan biography" such ratings large drama, is definitely a budding opportunity. It makes no difference to her to make up without make-up.

As Guan Xiaotong Zifeng Zhhang, a child star debut Jiang Yiyi with multiple hit shows, dubbed by the media national girl. The little slave girl who plays "she Zhuan" impressed us deeply with her good personality. Qingshuichufurong, natural to the carving, saw her makeup can only say: young.

"Beautiful" Weiyang, she is the unruly chowhound miss Li Changxi; "Chu Joe biography", Peng Doudou subverts the audience's impression, turned and Chuqiao sisters juice hunan. Compared with the awl face actress, the baby fat face don't have a lovely, just a little makeup passers-by.

Because of the mango reality show "the first grade graduation season", many viewers love the beautiful smiling adorable girl Cao Xiyue. "She played Jin Chu Joe candle biography" appears to have brains, but often be Chuqiao tease. Without make-up, she felt less like a female star than a student who was still reading.

Yan Xun's sister Yan red Xiao is a flash and character, Zhao Xifeng was in the family way with an arrow of death, very sad ending. The actor named Wang Yitong, who appeared in the TV drama "the new eleven Xiao Lang" and "-". Facial features of her, make-up remover after the temperament is no longer so fierce, but more natural.