"William Chan": kill the old nine door uniforms together with the good when meat, your acting has quietly opened up

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"William Chan": kill the old nine door uniforms together with the good when meat, your acting has quietly opened up

2016-07-21 00:24:58 2874 ℃

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Recently, more and more "old nine door" nice, "Kai June couples" dog abuse mode open, all kinds of sweet oh.

Plus hero train intimate clothes

The birth of the verse: "what miss, my name is lady", topped the micro-blog hot search today.

The big Buddha also tempted stern manner, sweet smile back!

Last week, the "old nine door" Buddha to save the February red lady, three day auction of drugs, with the explosion of BGM.

The Buddha light round 1

The Buddha light round 2

The Buddha light round 3

Because auction rivals is a Japanese, Buddha bucket light at the same time also incidentally chunqiangshezhan the invaders burns the patriotism. A video site please stamp down down down

"Old nine door" has been out of the 14 set, although the fighting has not started down, but William Chan has been Su fried. Got up against a beauty, devil, is estimated to be from head to tail handsome rhythm.

Anyway, William Chan's appearance, Shu sauce has been a state of Zhao Liying's fans.

That people rely on clothes, William Chan plays the Buddha so color, delicate clothing is also a big crew hero. Follow the sun played a military uniform, hung his cloak, walk with the wind, real domineering.

See uniform, and so on, the first word in the mind of the comfort of the paste is - old cadres. Although age Za young, but the calm atmosphere of temperament and consummate acting is really old cadres standard.

Zhang face to lick the screen stills for boys to wear uniforms, usually the spirit of many more man. William Chan can also be included in the uniform male god it.

In the show to do a full set of spirit, stylist also made a full set of uniforms, in addition to kill and a cloak, a military coat LOOK.

Details of the dress very carefully, from inside the shirt and tie, to the uniform, to the outermost overcoat, each layer are exquisite meticulous, Chen Weiting tall stature also put these layers are propped up, handsome not bloated.

After the coat off the legitimate military uniform, the key to success lies in the determination of the eyes, this is the most important military is not it?

In addition to the uniform, Chen Weiting there are several sets of clothes, where the Buddha Zhang as nine gates for the first time, is naturally into the Changsha in large, clothing basically are pay attention to the children of the wealthy.

This suit is shirt + Vest + blazer is the most authentic of the gentleman's suit.

Of mine is leather leather gloves, Dandy tie still no pick. Under similar habit, and high boots tube.

"Coercion" old man leading the way, the sentence "how dare hide a dagger behind a smile" give the old man scared.

And the old man look at the war, fighting heart

The old man is three shakequot be furious. (PS, the voice of William Chan is also very good to listen to, the sound is very low, the sound of painting with a very perfect

Will poker-faced to dirty jokes...... And so on, it's him or me.

Laugh can't hold it together beak belly, Buddha eyes next looked, eyebrows pick, cheap and fine

The Buddha is injured after Biao acting time.

When climbing steps rolled her eyes, clenched teeth, details of the deal is in place.

Find the red February healing time, with progressive forms of pain. Red February take poison slowly into the blood vessels. Also began to fight back, only the facial spasm.

Later by severe pain can not begin shaking, but still keep calling.

Then finally began to howl

The last call also did not have the strength, can only stare at the Qi mouth, neck veins are exposed. This progressive play too realistic, while reading this section of the Shu Jiangdou felt my hand hurts......

- I is the dividing line between the classmate Chen and acting - Bursting

See online, said, see the old nine found that William is a character actor, in my feeling, Chen Weiting is always very can act as a person.

Chen Weiting acquaintance is in the Hong Kong movie, the movie itself is not big, Chen Weiting also is not starring, but still gave me left a deep impression.

Such as "art film lovers whisper", William Chan played an Oedipal big boy (love a friend's mother)

Perfect and clean facial features, in the eyes, there is a little melancholy, in the hair, wearing a round frame glasses. I always think, wearing glasses can also look in the eyes of the emotions of the people, will be a good actor.

Proved that, when the little feminine introverted boy he is, now the eyes domineering sharp Buddha he is.

Chen Weiting another impression profound role is led the man could not poor "in the Xue Keyong, and step by step no temper brother than, Chen Weiting simply" type "to fly, perverse character, bad temper, at the beginning is in jail.

Grinning fahen appearance and adorable

In Hong Kong Development of nearly ten years, Chen Weiting stardom count is not plain sailing, but this is the helpless, the past few years Hong Kong either music or movie is not bad, rely on local work is difficult to fight head.

But Chen Weiting's attitude can be neither overbearing nor servile to describe, neither give up, there is no bent on the pursuit of explosion of red, just let the time and work slowly grinding their own.

In 2014, a "Gu Jian" and let him in, a red. Even if Chen Weiting played inside the "big brother" Ling is not the protagonist. The play also does not calculate much, but he still red, popular in the north and South

But this is not surprising, there are color value, there are acting, have experience, red is a matter of time.

After the rise, and so on, and so the students have accelerated the pace of:

"Young" four Mingbu in Chongqing Shigeyoshi life.

"Because love has refined and cultured university teacher Su Kaiwen happiness".

"Happiness" in the margin of a perfectionist elite Ho han.

More rare is that after the popular William Chan still maintained his steady low-key personality, works the next, but rarely see about his news - almost no lace, no scandal, more there is no right and wrong, everything works on words.

Shu sauce had also encounter in the airport too Chen Weiting a, and so on students alone a person without my assistant ~ feel were fans around miserably affinity are bursting with ~but......

On the other hand, it is clear that William Chan is not satisfied by the box in the small meat "label. So when choosing the play role in the great span, big brother's idol burden can also say throw throw.

Dust in the flesh "played the villain comfort and general villain character are more complex, show the difficulty of the already large. It is not easy to please the audience. But William Chan is still with the "Live Flesh" has gone up a large number of powder.

In addition, there are a lot of "energy-saving" live in shame......

The Shushan, Jianxia legend "in Chen Weiting show more exciting, from simple sincere youth has been" growth ", final blackening into Gorefiend.

Heihua after acting directly hanging open, it is said that with the character of Ding Yin after the reversal, the whole drama ratings have increased a lot

William Chan and the beautiful and bewitching look really bad people.

This two days just begun the "Nine" is bursting with acting, a soldier's tough and affection, large family of elegant gentleman temperament, there are nine first mysterious, evil spirit.

The way the performance of the two years to go wider and wider, William Chan's music career has been carried out in full swing. As a matter of fact, William Chan started his career as a singer in 2003.

William Chan became popular after the often sing

Not only has released a new album for two consecutive years, in August William Chan will launch the InsideMe2016 national tour.

William Chan InsideMe2016 national tour Beijing Railway Station Poster

The tour's first station - Beijing Railway Station on July 7th at 11:21 in the network billing, only 30 seconds all sold out! It is said that the concert tickets were "spike" box office records! Weekdays look not much news of William Chan, the amount of fans amazing.

But this is the most healthy love beans and fans of the relationship bar - love beans do not hype, fans do not tear force. A silent out of work, the other party should also face anthomaniac appreciation, conscientious.

As a member in Hong Kong artists have North army, Chen Weiting adhering to the diligence and struggle of the lion spirit; also low-key unassuming personality and continue to make breakthroughs in acting, also let him become your circle of clean.

When the meat is not small, because you know you have a deep and stable old cadres!

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