Zhou Libo donated 1 million 200 thousand pops at the Sichuan red cross out: please do personnel

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Zhou Libo donated 1 million 200 thousand pops at the Sichuan red cross out: please do personnel

2017-08-12 15:52:27 292 ℃

Zhou Libo after a period of time disappeared in the public view, until the alleged drug possession of firearms, the crime, people pay attention to pay attention to him, although now because the matter of her reputation is even worse, but the mainland Sichuan earthquake, Zhou Libo was not helped, donated 1 million 200 thousand news here! What are you meow do not say, give Zhou Libo a good point.

But the plot reversal, Zhou Libo claimed to donate $1 million 200 thousand to the Sichuan Red Cross, after hearing the news, the Sichuan Red Cross immediately responded: "we haven't received 1 million 200 thousand yuan donation of Mr. zhou." This is a moment for a large number of netizens think Zhou Libo is to rub heat, have accused Zhou Libo.

Here you think Zhou Libo really is to rub the heat Bo concern? You are wrong, then reverse the plot. Yesterday afternoon, more than 4 Sichuan Red Cross really received 1 million 200 thousand yuan of donations, donations note reads "Sichuan Jiuzhaigou (Zhou Libo). Because of the failure of the Sichuan Red Cross, questioned It is without rhyme or reason. insulted me. After Zhou Libo broke out, micro-blog bursts of anger.

Zhou Libo had learned that after the earthquake, in the early morning assigned domestic colleagues for donations, more than 9 points that day made a donation of 1 million 200 thousand micro-blog, but because interbank transfer requires time, until 4 pm before arrival of money. "Even a sentence" need to verify "than" not received "is not so cold?" "to tell the truth to the money you really do not worry."

From that point of view, Zhou Libo's mouth is very poisonous, is full of irony, but the old week good one's attitude is commendable. Some netizens said, vicious mouth, heart is usually very good! This time, Zhou Libo points a praise.