The dissolution of TFBOYS? Wang Junkai, who bowed in apology, Wang Yuan Bo appease Qian Xi?

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The dissolution of TFBOYS? Wang Junkai, who bowed in apology, Wang Yuan Bo appease Qian Xi?

2017-08-13 00:48:36 2010 ℃
Figure / text: Jun Jun Master

It is the entertainment miracle tfboys, a departure from the troupes without background and marketing means little friend combination, is now the most popular entertainment hot fried chicken!

Gold absorption capacity is no less than a popular little meat, it is seckill the children of the same age, but also the most valuable is the three children who have strong young temperament, not to be polluted by flashy entertainment. Every time the program, the old artist group drink, three children will be far away.

Tfboys hot and fans are inseparable, and they tfboys a famous "about ten years", refers to with three children over the past ten years, with the opening of a concert. This is the agreed four years ago, Wang Junkai was the largest was 14, look at the people, red for ten years was 24, it really makes other artists jealous.

Recently, TFBOYS has been about ten years, nearly half of their fans held a 4th anniversary concert tickets.

The 4th anniversary concert, with "Alive Four" as the theme, three people will also bring wonderful aspects of personal SOLO, the setlist is carefully designed, exciting content for nearly 3 hours will let the 8000 people enjoy the visual and auditory feast.

The concert is also quite exciting, only three also shows a lot of their talent. The individual solo is attracted to the scene screaming!

After the concert, three is only with super popular, boarded the hot search list!

But the cacophony of happened, said yesterday the 4th anniversary concert, TFBOYS inside hard rehearsal, poison only (only love a person, in combination with other people dislike fans) but outside shouting: don't dismiss! Bad past sounds well-matched in strength?. Now, only the "dissolution" sound is biggest! This is the fans gave TFBOYS 4th anniversary gifts?

Even micro-blog topic list even three only the dissolution of the rumors, "the dissolution of TFBOYS quickly occupied the topic list first.

Most fans love is really affected by the combination of members.

But only the poison shouted so loudly, dissolved, has affected their rehearsal, Wang Junkai singing on the emotional collapse, tears collapse.

When Wang Junkai left, suddenly bowed deeply to the fans.

Wang source in concert, also appease micro-blog fans. I heard all three concerts in all around the cry together.

The truth of the matter is now whirling,

Three Public opinions are divergent. fans:

There are fans that is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi home fans shouted and later disbanded, Wang and Wang Junkai fans shouted after source quickly put the lights off, throw the pan to the source two fans head......

Of course, thousands of fans immediately come out to refute.

Some time ago there are various fans to attack each other happens, friction.

The contradiction between the powder and the only Tuanfen is triggered at any moment.

Wang Junkai before the official support will attack the Yi Xi smelt one thousand after a dispute, the endorsement of C.

It is people's heart, the original unity to put them on a big stage fan, has now become the most stressful for them people. When both are good brothers, but the fans is not peace.

Three is only recently have the busy, Wang Junkai attended the "Youth" reflects his high growth after the play, "Yi Xi smelt one thousand let go of my nose" north to take care of children is simply a warm heart to melt, and Wang source in the "trump card to show their wisdom to ace". But it is the last 4th anniversary fit a clover with three only agreed, from their debut, clover has been shouting slogans: "I watched you grow up, you can accompany me to grow"

The entertainment is not easy, some people support each other is how happy things. Three of them, have respectively: absolutely not willing to disband

Wang Yuan also said that "our good relationship we three this is our own decision, don't need anyone to show!"

Easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi said "I hope that their love is our entire portfolio TFBOYS!" Wang Junkai said: "hope is a three people go together"

Finally put a tfboys concert reading to write the contents of the letter in 4th anniversary, I hope the fans to share:

Time Oh

Always walk fast

Soon we walked for four years

Leaving only the eyes of the dialogue

Excuse me

Although the walk for four years

We are still not perfect.

We will be weak and fragile occasionally not brave

Wrong capricious remainundeveloped we will

But our small

It has been your love tolerance

We have too much love

Now we can finally for us to protect you.

This is Wang Junkai.

This is Wang Yuan.

I am easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi

We are


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