Wu Xin Willber Pan "koala couple" sugar strong toxic and generous response with a false thing becomes true today!

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Wu Xin Willber Pan "koala couple" sugar strong toxic and generous response with a false thing becomes true today!

2017-08-13 00:48:36 274 ℃
Figure / text: Jun Jun Master

Recently, a pair of CP between the two of them than cotton candy is sweet, they are koala couple.

The original Jun Jun remember beginning "we love it" in the published list of the combination, Willber Pan and Wu Xin are the most promising one for online, but there is a lot of people say how could Wu Xin and Willber Pan, the two men had not what intersection. No surprise, no see.

The results did not expect this to the koala couple is in a step by step to seize the topic list, has become the most popular combination.

Before you launch the program, Wu Xin and Willber Pan two people began a variety show of affection, fancy breakfast show.

Early in the morning, Willber Pan sent a micro-blog AIT Wu Xin, a deputy to feed, and food. At noon, Wu Xin also put a pile of the same sandwich, responded to Willber Pan's "love from breakfast".

Although the koala two couples in a meeting, from a very awkward atmosphere until now they have started to find each other feeling in the process along imperceptibly.

From the beginning of the very natural that we can now see Wu Xin can boldly held Willber Pan's arm,

While the pan is very handsome attack, all kinds of fancy tease girls, bold confession to Wu Xin, and WeChat, sing songs, staged would kill, and pan Shuai attack index is very high, we can exchange it?" Pan Shuai Wu Xin's confession was sweet fried our audience, and immediately on the micro-blog hot search list, netizens have said hurriedly together! Koala couple.

Jun Jun said saw the boys sing a song of love for you, is a girl's words are the minute and unable to resist sustain the blows, tears, moment of promise. But the online users are the worry dead. Although Xin Xin in the show no positive answer of the lens, but Xin Xin after the broadcast on the same day issued a text but not with the pink bubble chaos take micro-blog.

But in fact, Wu Xin has already admitted that "Willber Pan is the best for me"

In the latest issue of the "Chinese has broadcast" in hip hop Willber Pan was asked to say "I heard you recently in love?"

That moment brought Fanfan curiosity, a false thing becomes true?" But the scene beyond expectations Willber Pan was openly acknowledged. Well, love. And with a sweet smile, hey, look out this really is the love of the pan handsome appearance.

When Vava Willber Pan's confession, Xin Xin still micro-blog produced a variety of expression package, and shouted: fat, chubby children come, pan, shall we talk. It seems that this two is really the case.

In Willber Pan "China" has recorded hip-hop, Wu Xin also came to visit, in order to give Willber Pan a surprise, disguising himself as a player.

The results did not think Wu hip-hop is a recognized, and then returned to the pan Xin Xin a super handsome happy hug, but also directly and recording site staff said: my wife. Oh it is simply too dog abuse.

Previously also feel that these two individuals style all the bases together people, now is the side side of the greasy sweet talk may die, how the four thing!

For example, two people go to foot massage. Pan Shuai a tease sister kill be caught off guard! It is often a minor, gifts and so on, ah, everywhere with romantic taste.

Now two people recorded the song "rare" is no reason to let users on the platform of single cycle, have said the original Xin sister and his love of people together to sing, is simply too beautiful. Don't like the "happy camp" and Li Yifeng, and Zhang Yixing sang out of tune broken sound ah ah, what I only swing.

Faced with this new CP combination, Jun Jun secretly to cover your mouth, ha ha ha, send a freestyle, bless them!

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