Embarrassed! Since that high popularity, the fans did not pick up many bodyguards!

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Embarrassed! Since that high popularity, the fans did not pick up many bodyguards!

2017-08-13 00:48:58 224 ℃

In fact, judging a star's popularity is really high, there is a very simple method, that is to see how many fans pick up, high popularity of the star is naturally pick up can get many fans, and vice versa!

Yang Mi the actress is a very high popularity, this year's "III. ten peach" is to let Yang Mi be a fire, each crowd can obtain a large number of fans in public, see the huge crowds of people he knew that Yang Mi's popularity is very high!

Zhao Liying's popularity is in no way inferior to Yang Mi, see the crowded scene can comparable to the spring that Zhao Liying, high popularity, next to the two in order to take photos of Zhao Liying even rode to the friend's body, we can see them crazy.

Luhan high popularity in the country I believe many people know, even once because the fans at the airport, resulting in the high speed rail station jammed with people. And Luhan more terrible is that even in foreign countries also have so many fans, this is Luhan airport in Japan when fans pick up picture.

This year's "ten" and III peach blossom in the running man let Di Ali Gerba's popularity has been greatly improved, while the night is coming out of the airport, but there are still a number of loyal fans stay up with idols, Reba appeared by fans to the containment.

Rerba than Tang Yan's popularity in some poor, is also at the airport to pick up Tang Yan was a lot less, only a few fans in Tang Yan's side by twos and threes.

Have a high value of Yan good stature Wu Yifan always popularity is very high, every time at the airport there are a large number of fans everywhere, even there are so many fans, causing the airport containment incident.

Although too many fans take chance to do a lot of trouble star, but compared to the met at the airport without embarrassment, believe that the stars would rather enjoy the fans bring trouble. The day before Faye Wong's daughter Dou Jingtong appeared in an airport, but did not follow a fan.

Although Zhao Wei is now in the business development better, also to the development of multi direction, but Zhao Wei's popularity declined is also a fact, not only the fans to pick Zhao Wei coming out of the airport, even know her few passers-by.

But to say that these may be awkward, and really embarrassed. Before Zheng Xiujing and Jung Soo Yeon two sisters in Hongkong airport, the popularity of many results may think they asked 20 bodyguards, the airport and the crowd of passers-by are not many bodyguards.

Before the sun "" descendants of this drama to think his popularity Song Joong Ki is high, the result of bodyguards to protect three layer three layer in time to participate in activities, it is only so thin a few people sparse in the crowd, at the scene of much embarrassment as can be imagined.