Ma Rong said love guy Wu Jing, Wu Jing responded: Ma Rong is who?

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Ma Rong said love guy Wu Jing, Wu Jing responded: Ma Rong is who?

2017-08-13 00:49:07 467 ℃

Ma Rong, netizens should all know it, baby ex-wife, marital and baby broker deviant, also because this is Ma Rong's attention by the users, every act and every move.

Ma Rong has repeatedly rub hot, the first is to invite Luhan take public service film, and then shouted Zhao Liying to star in "Chu Joe biography 2", of course, they have been refused to face pops. Originally thought that Ma Rong will brutally beat face low, did not think of Ma Rong some time ago and talk casually at micro-blog:

This is Ma Rong drunk, actually said I look like Ruby Lin? We all know that Ruby Lin is now Wallace Huo's wife, Ma Rong is in the expression of Wallace Huo?

At present, Wallace Huo did not respond on the matter, netizens have indicated that this is Ruby Lin black was the most miserable time, weigh Ruby Lin want to change the face.

It is reported that Ma Rong set up his own studio, she is not what President Rong Bao billion company, and return the first work of a public welfare movie, this public service film Ma Rong to Li Xiaolu, Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin, Zhao Liying, Zhao Wei, Honglei Sun et al were invited, invited and directed by Xu Zhenglai. Xiaobian want to say: you are drunk!

On the Internet came Ma Rong invite Luhan film and starred in "Chu Joe biography 2" news, so reviled Ma Rong. Ma Rong made clear:

Ma Rong said he was enjoying the Luhan, but refused to film together with him, more like a tough guy Wu Jing. Some time ago the "wolf 2" news, Ma Rong behind Wu Jing, with Wu Jing the man and the horse spirit of appreciation, Chengdu reveal the claims, "wolf 3" willing to fund the investment

Ma Rong himself and Wu Jing is an old acquaintance, just needs to join in, but before Wu Jing indicated that Ma Rong is what?

Wu Jing also said, have invited Baoqiang Wang to play "wolf 2", that Baoqiang Wang starred in "soldier assault", about a soldier of the play have experience, but for some reason, was Baoqiang Wang's agent declined! Don't know some of the reasons in the Wu Jingkou with Ma Rong to invest "3" on the wolf?