Zheng Shuang the golden goddess voted 14 times higher nuozha! Her acting skills are highly popular

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Zheng Shuang the golden goddess voted 14 times higher nuozha! Her acting skills are highly popular

2016-07-21 00:32:22 1245 ℃

The Golden Eagle goddess has recently received much attention in voting, Zheng Shuang on various platforms ranking presents an overwhelming victory:

More subtly, Zhang Han is also a candidate in his girlfriend nuozha, the fans have a legitimate reason to pinch......

The new girl Zheng Shuang is a typical thermal physical search. In February this year, 29 days, she was a person on the 33 hot search list. Fat, thin on the travel was shot, cut short hair is also on the.

This is actually just a group of people from hi, the reason is very simple, no one else Zheng Shuang micro-blog ah! One of the most do not want a high-profile people, just be real powder and black powder stare.

Not long before Hu Yanbin came out to admit the relationship between Zheng Shuang and, two people were once again on the arch hot search first. This one has not been cooked, Gao Xiaosong and Zheng Shuang's scandal and in the micro-blog exploded.

Really distressed "squat tight" teacher, a rather baffling lying gun......

The first man is simply jealous.

Whether on the hot search topic is held down, for an artist is always good, at least on the heat. Zheng Shuang, along the way or very smooth, 16 holding play of mind also received three film and television college admission notice, at that time, Shanghai Theatre Academy is called to rush her into the school.

Plastic surgery is difficult to say whether it is love, but Zheng Shuang admits how much because a little not confident:

"Happy camp", what the teacher said Zheng Shuang in recent years each of her works started, Zheng Shuang is fearfully, a shake of the head.

In an interview with the sense of crisis is very heavy, afraid to be replaced by new artists:

Black character can be "young" with the past, acting is still use "young" excuse. But in Baidu encyclopedia, Zheng Shuang entry is the first actor ah.

Had been Tucao miserable, ray shower series, Zheng Shuang is the expression of the people:

Depressed duzui

Angry duzui

Later found a lot of play also continue to use this expression......

Duzui Wei Linlang

And duzui Xiang Ling

Bite lips is standard:

This dresser, Liao Liao Mei awkward make a cancer......

It's a bit too much to look at when you are scared:

Zheng Shuang while filming a lot of Mary suju (also seems to be more suitable for this kind of), for male artist is still very exclusive, this many co stars are confirmed:

So, see Zheng Shuang's play is JPG effect is also good, one to GIF feel all kinds of jump play.

Yang Yang's hands are too stiff......

Someone broke in "smiled very little" crew, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang than acting little interaction. So after the official trailer out of the feeling is really good but not CP Yan, too heart:

Actually, Zheng Shuang was also a no idol burden, comedy can easily twist to the young actor ah (that had talent):

OMG, this toxic acting!

So, the audience will not automatically filter out the more important things because you are young. Choice into the public view, the original need a lot of courage, flowers and questioned are required to bear. Nana Ouyang is only 15 years old, but once the acting police, the Tucao or tucao.

But we have never denied her musical talent, shows the audience's eyes were still bright.

If Zheng Shuang is brought into the screen with the identity of the actor, she also needs to accept criticism, and constantly hone. Young nature is the capital, but not to win the praise of the weight, it is not an excuse for self protection.

.I am a process of dividing line.

Sometimes love Zheng Shuang, she is not typical of 90, because many after 90 is not as strong as her.

For love to be low in the dust. After breaking up is still outspoken, face is smile:

Since childhood, the mother put her dream to her daughter, home to take military management:

Very little to study away from home

Frank and sensitive, strong and fragile. Perhaps it is the contradiction of the unity of Zheng Shuang's body, it makes her so much controversy. But the lotus just buds, we look forward to remove the "90" hat, "a good actor can become Zheng Shuang's next label.


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