Zhou Jie unexpected event continues the first mainland entertainment circle behind Ruby Lin is he

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Zhou Jie unexpected event continues the first mainland entertainment circle behind Ruby Lin is he

2017-09-11 23:43:30 451 ℃

The legs Obama

Ruby Lin Zhou Jie event has developed so far, and finally came to Ruby Lin's first positive response, she in the days of micro-blog events for a summary response, and announced the closure of the review, choose not see the net.

It can be said that this time the Ruby Lin Zhou Jie incident completely beyond all expectations, from the initial simple kiss event now hot friends Wallace Huo at the airport was slightly worse to photographers, "villain curse Zhao Wei".

Although after the "Pearl Princess" producer came out to respond to the villain plot, the program is specially arranged to do, and Ruby Lin himself irrelevant. But Ruby Lin's passers - by was not restored.

However, when Ruby Lin became a target for all the time, Yu Zheng was sent to micro-blog behind Ruby Lin, words of Zhou Jie, full of doubt.

And when the netizen expressed doubt about his relationship with Ruby Lin, he responded generously: "you can't treat the fact objectively because you have been unhappy with the person concerned."".

This lets a crowd eat melon, masses do not understand, everybody knows, two people ever because of "beauty scheming" collaboration, but since this, almost do not have any interaction again.

And Yu Zheng has publicly said he hated Ruby Lin and said she was out of breath. Though Yu Zheng did not name names, but the audience knows several superimposed labels he said of Ruby Lin.

Since then, the two began a war of words model.

In an interview, Ruby Lin said that if he was a man, he would open up and make things clear.

Then in an interview, the words were fierce, saying that Ruby Lin could turn over the salted fish, mainly on their own.

Two people would say you say me, the gun running continuously, and ultimately to Ruby Lin's words without what good response as the conclusion, at the end of the tear ring a long time in war.

In all the time that the two people laosibuxiangwanglai, Yu Zheng was in the micro-blog drying out of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo's wedding, and wish two people two people declared a harmonious union lasting a hundred years, the indirect relationship again.

I have to say the entertainment interests, the original Ruby Lin teeth of Yu Zheng was in the stand in the teeth of the storm to prove Ruby Lin character, also rather let the masses feel fantasy ah eat melon.

Two people are not too and Ruby Lin on this incompatible like water and fire can be reconciled, Ruby Lin and Zhou Jie believe that the day once again on stage, netizens will not feel strange.