The night bazaar read the heart: Ruby Lin was staring at the envy of Ni Ni, Jiang Xin Liu Tao with his eyes tear force

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The night bazaar read the heart: Ruby Lin was staring at the envy of Ni Ni, Jiang Xin Liu Tao with his eyes tear force

2017-09-11 23:44:33 577 ℃

Bazaar charity dinner is a drama, the actress who infighting is beyond count.

As Sue spoke, Zhang Ziyi and Carina Lau looked the same.

Especially Zhang Ziyi, the expression is too rich, the net friend can make up a palace fight drama.

Netizens do, when somans talk, Zhang Ziyi first raise a smile, her head and Carina Lau looked at each other, inside play: she really can say!

Then Carina Lau's expression changed, too!

The expression was absolutely dead!

But the last time somans holding Zhang Ziyi's opinion, the sisterhood temporarily does not collapse.

Also, Ruby Lin looked at Ni Ni's eyes, also caught by netizens.

Ruby Lin looked at Ni Ni all the way, with a slightly unnatural expression.

The net friend also guesses: looks like, Ruby Lin envies Ni Ni's stature very much, has been staring at Ni Ni to look, moreover displays the self-confidence

But it's a little bit. Look, when three people stand together, it's Ni Ni's figure!

Happy song, five beautiful, finished the TV show, what a good relationship ah, you can watch the photos that night, I really feel that their friendship is very fragile.

Wang Ziwen stood beside Jiang Xin, and the whole face was cold. Yang Zi had been standing by Joe's side, and when he took a picture, he ran to Jiang Xin and Wang Ziwen, but the two men didn't give her the seat.

Yang Zi had to make an awkward face behind him, but Wang Ziwen remained aloof and did not respond!

More netizens found that even Jiang Xin and Liu Tao were tearing!

Five beautiful singing, two people without eye contact.

Here, Liu Tao's high pitched voice: "Hey, grandpa!"!

After that, Jiang Xin looked at Liu Tao several times while singing.

Net friend is also Tucao: Liu Tao face satisfied expression absolutely!

This netizen makes a map, it is to make people do not know what to say, after all, when the pursuit of "Ode to joy", is really like the five beautiful it?!

Finally, a group of sweet photos, ah, Jing Bairan, Ni Ni and Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin, the two pairs of flowers and teenagers, and finally with their flowers met.

Just look at the small movements, is not to abandon the Tang Yixin short ah.

It's like saying, "you're so tall, so little, ha ha!"!

See Ni Ni and Zhang Ruoyun smile face Chongni expression is very sweet!

Do you like the two pairs of flowers and teenagers?

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