Plastic sister flowers, scheming for C, a sister fight for the camera is not as good as this pair of false lovers rub heat, ah!

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Plastic sister flowers, scheming for C, a sister fight for the camera is not as good as this pair of false lovers rub heat, ah!

2017-09-11 23:49:42 229 ℃

No. 9 bazaar Charity Night is the second half of a big event, half of the country's entertainment are at the scene, in order to see real-time broadcast, but long before the director took the number 9 schedule free

Director of summing up this year only three aspect: show affection, Yan value black list and C careful machine, and babies with director of Lao Lao logically progressive (feel like Bang Bang)

Show affection


Mention red carpet show affection, that will have to mention Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin this pair, sweet death a crowd Wang not say, Yan value is double Online

Although every time I look at the Tang Dynasty, there is a feeling of love, but if you openly slaughter the director of the dog, I'll tell the teacher

Jing Bairan Ni Ni is the first published romance fit, but looks a bit dubious, but Ni Ni mouth is a reminder that Jing Bairan "hold me", but did not pay attention to is slim embarrassed (forgive director cut Jing Bairan, the reason you know..)

Inside the field burst out of the "snap" picture looks affectionate and not, are acting school, you also understand..

The big black Fan Bingbing this old couple is sweet to show loving mode although not snore, walk the red carpet together, but is still the focus of the lens

Wallace Huo Ruby Lin charity last night or separated away, and finally fit this year, but Ruby Lin covered his stomach in the whole, all pregnant with a second child? Don't ask why the director is blocking his sister's face. It's not because she likes to ask the director for the milk money

Tong Dawei, Guan Yue couple is the old cadre type family photo, that hung up, Tong Dawei teacher inserted pocket action, more sense of age

In June just married Ady Ann Chen Ronglian couple is the old cadre family photo, may cause the man too decent slightly binding.

Red and black highlights


Gongbang first name must be Zhao Liying, black wool skirt with shoulder length hair volume, age and Western style

When the online version of the repaired pictures, really amazing director

White and beautiful Fan Bingbing as in the past, go elegant line, or the only one wearing a dress when the season Gaoding star. Although the dress director could not see where it was, the coffee was indeed well appointed

With Feng Xiaogang photo, can give him out

Zhang ran along the red carpet, like her personality, with the frankness, wearing a Cowboy SHORTS came over, but people long legs, ah, full screen is long legs

Dou Xiao handsome leather LOOK Le, but you son iconic big white? Not like the landlord the son silly son.

Black list director is more awkward, hum! Offend people, let the director dry, who let the director is honest, Jiang Xin is really not thin, the director can not deceive you with conscience

Empress, don't be angry, really hard to find the angle...

Li Bingbing Yan value is OK, but the skin condition is really not online

Are there too many announcements and too much work pressure?

The director was supposed to put Yang Mi in the red list, a lot of stable than before

But always feel something strange, seemingly small face, the nose is a bit awkward, but she was in the black list is absolutely the most beautiful! Well!

Victoria Song always get less than the essentials of clothing, two muscle legs exposed, really strong Hin

The day before we come to the "inside" simple red baggy pants + white T+ two small pigtails, is really beautiful ah, or after wearing trousers or skirts, showing only small waist is good

Chen Xuedong Yan value is nothing to change, that is, "the eyes are not open melancholy", small four think this is temperament, the director felt that this is cataract

Wu Chun looks a lot thinner, cheeks sunken, and without the "Princess young sister" handsome full

However, after adding the filter is still handsome, especially a memory kill, as if back to ten years ago ah!

Scheming post


When it comes to this topic, this year is pushed in the teeth of the storm is Angela Chang, Angela Chang # C # also widely hot topic, some people say she is like red like crazy, some people say that Zhang Ziyi Carina Lau did not give money, Angela Chang donated 700 thousand station C why not?

Su mans today also gave a response, even said 6 sorry, apology

In fact, the final analysis is about whether she can stand C, there is no standing C discussion, but the director would like to say, has anyone seen the video intact? She is pushed past it

At first, Angela Chang stood on the edge of the stage

Scene of various chaos, all kinds of greetings, she inexplicably to Carina Lau's side, but still the most lateral position

Originally, the director group is trying to set up a group photo, Angela Chang also has been on the edge of the location, suddenly changed his mind to all the stars on stage big picture, Angela Chang step by step is pushed to the C position

By the time she noticed, she couldn't get out, and she was embarrassed, and all the pictures that followed would either try to pull aside or squat down

So the scene somans has been holding the microphone to shout "Angela squat squat, you can see" how rude.

But Zhang Ziyi before taking pictures to move around, there are a variety of hi clothes, thigh stretch more drama

This is wrong, the actual version of "thousand Song Yi" well

In fact, the entertainment well, female stars Bo C bit Bo eye of the puzzle is not a few, which are better than Angela Chang, although there are claims that the C bit, but there is no Angela Chang injustice

Zheng Shuang in the "Wu kongzhuan" conference, a dashed past stood in the position of C

When photographing the genuine Ni Ni women can only see stars on the edge

A few months ago has been rumored, Yang Mi was invited to participate in the publication of Vogue Film are just the movie premiere party, the stars are arranged with stations under the premise, still grab the new spring and summer after Ma Ying Jin Kim C

Zhang Tianai, "from your whole world passing by" the media meeting, inexplicably stretch out 168 of the big legs, and how long you long legs

As a young model little sister Zhi Ling, in a brand activities calm arm to block out her coffee high N level Michele Lee lens

Well, entertainment, ah, there are female stars are the battlefield, on this charity night C battle of words, in addition to Angela Chang should not the problem, the scene should also be charged with great responsibility

The scene is full of noisy, somans voice command, arranged in advance to effort? China hosted the party is not easy! Is it possible to avoid this embarrassment if you schedule the station in advance like the Vogue Film premiere party? If there is still C bit of contention, that is the actress scheming thing

Moreover, the netizen said there is a reason ah, charity, people donated 700 thousand, how can not stand not donate money to the side? Public welfare does not stand alone, do not let love become superficial!

Today, estimates that so much truth to be scolded for money, release, spray assured, strong, director of director... Don't cry ~

Think Angela Chang was scolded standing C wronged baby, point Zan