Chaos: "Banny Chen also joined the fray, micro-blog irony let Mammy was criticized

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Chaos: "Banny Chen also joined the fray, micro-blog irony let Mammy was criticized

2017-09-12 01:02:49 216 ℃

Someone broke Banny Chen (left) to prick Li Mingqi

TV drama "Princess" is in many people's minds classic, but recently because of "Kang" Zhou Jie gas explosion anger choking Ruby Lin's "La tongue", set off a wave of "chaos" and "Pearl," "Banny Chen also joined the fray, issued a document as" Ironic "Rong momo Li Mingqi, let Li Mingqi's granddaughter wrath he speculation.

Banny Chen Li Mingqi verbal irony. (from Banny Chen, micro-blog)

Li Mingqi used in the play there is a needle is used to Ruby Lin's play, the audience hated teeth itch, before someone pulls out Li Mingqi said in an interview at the time because of fear of injury to Ruby Lin, so that the tip is toward him, but Li Mingqi does not use the Internet more outgoing acupuncture others, but he was stabbed several times. Someone broke the news to stab her is Banny Chen. Banny Chen today also in micro-blog sarcastically said "Dear Mr. Li, according to the Internet that I now so not because when you got red, or the day you tie me a few needles, I can no longer see the red".

Li Mingqi's granddaughter Baoqu for grandma. (from micro-blog)

Banny Chen his words, immediately by external attack, he questioned why not say they did not do, but with a frivolous tone of irony that he is in the elders, speculation, and Li Mingqi's granddaughter for grandma Baoqu, "said Grandma never mentioned, and these past years Chen now again take out and said, too exaggeration, personal visual speculation,".