Zhao Wei did not want to mention the play, Banny Chen, a response to rob Zhou Jie, Ruby Lin limelight

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Zhao Wei did not want to mention the play, Banny Chen, a response to rob Zhou Jie, Ruby Lin limelight

2017-09-12 01:05:46 356 ℃

These two days, "Huanzhugege" when the stars one turns on the hot search, completely subvert our childhood, like the drama off screen than more wonderful, Zhao Wei in the "Chinese food", as if they do not want to mention this role, Huang Xiaoming and Dongyu Zhou have been mentioning she seems to have put off, do not want to mention, however, Zhou Jie was filled with righteous indignation Ruby Lin shut down comments, Banny Chen, also a response to "Aite Rong Momo" actor Li Mingqi Zhou Jie Ruby Lin as teacher, grab the limelight, but was friends of collective criticism.

Look at the "Chinese restaurant", the audience seemed to understand, in Thailand's most famous is Zhao Wei, and make friends in Thailand the most profound impression, or the "swallow" role, in order to attract customers, Huang Xiaoming went before specially took a piece of Zhao Wei's "little swallow" poster, Zhao Wei and death results don't let out. In the episode, Dongyu Zhou wants to sing the theme song of the year, Zhao Wei was again stopped, experienced a time of transformation, Zhao Wei may think, "the little swallow was too silly, but it is because of the imperfect performance administration role, only the achievements of the Zhao Wei generation. The growth of a memory, always cherish this role, although now the summer is no longer broadcast this drama, but the drama more than ten years of replay rate, plus even replay can create high ratings of the play, fully illustrated, is a rare classic.

Although Zhao Wei did not want to mention, but this wave of hot, or mentioned by Zhou Jie, he responded when the Ruby Lin incident is the tongue "Huanzhugege" to a hot search fuse, then users Bachu Ruby Lin was on a variety show, it turned out the needle villain, but the villain just Zhao Wei. The result, Ruby Lin is pushed in the teeth of the storm, although Yao daughter-in-law came out to respond, but Ruby Lin still fans in the siege, was forced to shut down micro-blog comments.

Due to the time node topic just stop, a response to Banny Chen's event will again push hot search, but compared to Zhou Jie and Ruby Lin, but is not sympathy, but severely criticized by netizens. Banny Chen responded to the needle let Mammy, and also people AIT old artist, a rude, not the quality of two. "Mammy" played by Li Mingqi in the early years of the interview time during the filming of the needle broke the news over the scene, she did not have Ruby Lin with a needle, but people with a needle. Banny Chen responded: "the legend that the net with the needle you (but I really don't remember), or the day you tie me a few needles, I can see the red again?" A 20 year old classic Qiong Yao, affected the growth and memory of a generation, now no matter what the reason come up, are not necessary.

Once again look back at Li Mingqi in "teacher memories began when the film" in the "Princess" scene, still admire the old artist, a child called the actor. But when it comes to a needle, she even field simulation that needles look, afraid to hurt the children, she put the needle head with finger pinch, just use the wrist contact the children's body, because of the need to perform malicious expression, so she is very hard, acting is a classic, but now is the result this is true with misunderstanding, is indeed justified. But when it comes to kicking the crape myrtle, she also reproduce the action that is stuntman do, just put on hand arm trousers, wear shoes, so a push, no play. There are flying kicking little swallow, in fact, she just kicked the ground, Zhao Wei far away from her, but after the production of the lens when stitching together, will show a realistic effect. And after the audience heard it, it was also a burst of applause and laughter, which was a good memory for a real old artist and a generation.

And Banny Chen's response, users think purely to rub the heat, so people feel that there has been no explosion red reason, probably so, it is not kind enough.