Zhao Liying sun and boys exercise together, good posture, intimacy

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Zhao Liying sun and boys exercise together, good posture, intimacy

2017-09-15 18:32:40 323 ℃

Recent entertainment things a lot, Joker news can see when the series, Wang Si Conglin yesterday to update on a wave of strong hot search.

And just Zhao Liying, micro-blog is a scare.

Micro-blog Zhao Liying drying out their own and a boy with a workout photos, the text also said: I am not a person.

This rhythm, there is always a way to published romance.

Look at the pictures of two people exercising, and they are really close.

However, a closer look at Zhao Liying's micro-blog, in fact, is not released love, but Zhao Liying recently propaganda campaign of natural love only.

Although not released love affair, but look at the back of Zhao Liying exercise, have to say, Zhao Liying's muscle is really a lot ah!

The arm and back muscles are numerous. Even if the key is super thin waist, this picture looks like a personal exercise.

The illusion is quite good.

I think Zhao Liying is really thin. Looking at the pictures, I can see the waist is too thin.

It is a small round face, even if it is thin, it does not look obvious, it is also very sad.

See her wear sportswear photos, exposing the waistline is too thin.

I don't know how much time I usually spend on exercise to get the effect. It's not easy for a star. It's not easy for a female star.

See Zhao Liying caught by chance, take pictures, real people are super thin, facial features are also thin, obviously, side to see a little doll feeling.

If you want to have a good figure like Zhao Liying, you really need to exercise every day just like her.