Why is the play so bad now? Zhang Liang, a variety accidentally expose a director behavior!

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Why is the play so bad now? Zhang Liang, a variety accidentally expose a director behavior!

2017-09-15 18:33:32 258 ℃

The programs on the major websites are dazzling! But for those who require higher, very critical users will be helpless! Entertainment is always listening to "predecessors," said, "now the small meat, not aware of their own, to high prices, not dedicated, and a little bit of overtime, I feel great."!" Some netizens think, "now the small meat to high prices, the majority of the funds are given to the actors, so that the latter did not have more funds processing, so led to the" Tucao "point," Chu Chuan biography "and other drama"!

In fact, think carefully, have something to do with some of the actors, but also not all to an actor's body! Now there are more and more directors in the circle! Xinyi Zhang, Li Chen, the article, and so on, can shoot, and what is impossible? In order to find the director love money, the most popular fire, whether it will act as long as will say "12345 mountain tigers" pack you a! After all, the least responsible is the director!

Zhang Liang in a variety of talk about their filming situation, "because he is Aries, so is a particularly fond of competing with their own people."! A scene, one point five pages of paper, nine times have not been, I would like to give it to the past"

Who knows the actors do not feel troublesome, do not feel tired, the director to the "good", "well, enough, we can edit later, your lines are not good, you can cut other people's facial expressions."!"

Zhang Liang himself didn't feel enough. "I had to pass it," and later, with three hits, finally passed! Speaking of this, I think of a few words of Yue yue!

Imagine this Zhang Liang, Yue Yunpeng is not a professional actor, so serious to the work, director, you still have what face to continue filming? Sometimes bad works may not be the fault of the little meat! More in the direction of the director!