If you miss the "spider man: Heroes return" of these eggs, the interest will be less than half!

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If you miss the "spider man: Heroes return" of these eggs, the interest will be less than half!

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[spider man: Hero returns]Is coming to China

After watching the movie

What people care most about is the variety of Easter eggs

Includes links to the universe as well as comics

This is allMarvel filmsBring fun

To this end, Xiao Bian in two brush [spider man: Hero returns] after

Here's the article for youFun egg count

Including any of the heroes who came here to make a guest film

It's also about the unexpected characters in Spider Man comics

Now let's start with the stories behind these eggs!


Attention Please:[spider man: back the hero] egg contains spoilers, has not seen the movie carefully reading.

1. familiar melodies

[spider man: Hero returns] the theme song is from "Spider Man" in 1960. The theme song is called "friendly neighbor spider man".

The classic piece was also adapted into a symphony by the soundtrack master Mike Giacchino in the mad animal town.

If you have seen the spiders in each edition, this familiar melody will certainly resonate with you.

The theme song also appeared in Sam spider's "Spider Man" in 2002, and this is the first time he has used the song "Spider Man" movie.

In spider man and 2 years later, [spider man 2]], the song appeared in New York's street performers and subway stereos.

In "spider man 3]", "friendly neighbor Spider Man" appears again, and is a live band version.

In Andrew Garfield's version of "Spider Man", the song appeared in the form of a ringtone.

2. Disaster Control Bureau

In "spider man: Hero returns", the villain "vulture" Adrian Tombs and the government conflict root comes from the disaster control bureau.

Qi people tro invasion of earth after the accident, Tombs and his companions got to do remedial work for the city. (by the way to salvage advanced technology equipment).

But the job was suddenly taken away because the US government was working with iron man Tony Stark to set up a new Department, called the disaster control administration.

The Department dedicated to cleaning and after the war for super heroes and invaders should be familiar with Marvel Comics fans.

ABC television has also announced the development of the disaster control bureau in the background of the same name of the American drama.

Thanks to the "spider man: the return of heroes", the disaster control office has officially become part of the universal universe.

Teen Dailey plays the director of the disaster management and Control Bureau, Anne Marihog, in the film.

3., Peter Parker is Toni fans, has official seal

Many netizens speculated that [iron man 2] in children with a helmet still is Peter Parker, an admirer of iron man's little boy, he tried to stand up with whiplash unmanned mecha fight.

Today, officials have confirmed that the little boy is Peter Parker.

Although this is not the "spider man: Hero returns" of the egg, but in the film, the audience did feel Peter's admiration and worship of stark.

4. Toni's scar

Spider man has officially become part of the universal movie universe after [Captain America 3: Heroes' civil war].

[spider man: Hero returns] the timeline also occurred after the film, so when Toni suggested Parke in the car, he could still see the scar on his face.

5. Howard Stark guest

This might be an Easter egg that requires two brushes.

In Peter and Ned bestie indoors when discussing the Death Star Lego model plan, we can see a huge mural of the stairs on the back of them.

The right side of the mural is Einstein, and a portrait of Howard Stark will also be found.

Because the school is positioned as a science and technology school, full of science and technology houses, the walls of their schools are full of scientific giants.

Careful viewers will pay attention to this is the older Howard Stark, the drama "mad men" star John Slattery played.

This is not Dominic Kolb, who plays the role of young Howard.

6. - Dr. Abraham Eruosiji regression

When you find the portrait of Howard Stark, if your eyes, to the lower right corner (in the students, will be found before the murals cover) - Abraham Eruosiji portrait of dr..

The character is played by Stanley Tucci in US captain 1].

In the Marvel Universe film in the history of World War II, Dr. Eruosiji cracked the secret super soldier serum.

Hitler hoped to create his super soldier through this serum, which was used in red skulls.

Eruosiji Dr. Peggy Carter was hired to allied agents, SSR (aegis Bureau predecessor) work.

Dr. Eruosiji reborn in the most potential project -- Steve Rodgers then was injected into the serum and becomes Captain America, defeated the Nazis and the red skull and other villains.

As a scientific giant, Eruosiji and Dr. Howard Stark in "Captain America 1] made an outstanding contribution in the history of World War II, so Dr. Eruosiji portraits are hanging in the campus.

7. Peter locker numbers

Careful fans will find that the digital 1184 on Peter's locker has extraordinary significance.

The numbers represent a key spider man comic book of the November 1984, revealing not only the secrets of Peter and Parke but also the venom.

8. Liz Alan

When you thought Peter Parker's girlfriend was Mary Jan or Gwen Stacy, it turned out to be Liz Alan (Lauren Harilque).

The setting seems to be different from the versions of Garfield and Tobey, but the fans who know the history of spider man actually know -

Liz Alan's status as early as the "magic fantasy" Fifteenth, the spider man for the first time in the comic comic debut, Alan appeared.

But her name didn't appear until the fourth phase of "Spider Man" a year later.

In the comics, Harry Osborn won Alan's heart, two people get married and have children, a son called Naomi Osborn.

9. Cindy Moose

In the cartoon, because the spider bite and obtain the super ability, is not actually a Peter Parker.

And his classmate Cindy Moon, she got the same ability.

The spider climb, including induction, launch spider silk, spider sense has even stronger Bipeter, also can accurately position across the parallel universe Peter.

But Cindy Moon was not the main character in the manga, and eventually realized that she was different from Peter.

She was not a mere superhero, and finally returned to her own parallel universe.

But Cindy's name appeared in [spider man: Hero's return] and must be a tribute to the character.

10. Zhong Cheng high school

Have great scientific giant murals in Cheng technology high school has been a professional atomic era of places of learning, students through the school badge and T-shirt can be clearly seen in the high school in 1962 to create "cheng".

In the same year, Spiderman appeared for the first time in the fifteenth phase of the fantastic dream.

For this role, his appearance was a revolt against the system, so the release of the manga was mainly aimed at older readers, and the slogan was "respect for your IQ."."

11. chains of human nature

In the spider man: the hero's return, it's hard to imagine that Michel's character would like Peter, or that she would be interested in anything other than reading and painting.

Michel was impressed by the fact that Michel was reading the book "the chains of humanity" by Maugham in 1915 when he was watching public service ads in the US team.

Interestingly, the end of the story, the story and the "spider man: Hero returns" somewhat similar, but also to the spirit of a novel tribute to it.

12. guest of Dr. Bruce Banner

As one of the important leaders of the union, Bruce Banner appeared in the school classroom with a number of famous scientists.

Including Darwin, Newton, Einstein, and Mrs. Curie, this shows Bruce Banner's scientific contribution to the world.

13. Betty Brant

[spider man: Hero returns] the most unexpected funny stems from Chung Cheng high school's own student journalism group, one of which is called Betty Brant.

If you are a fan of spider man, you will remember in the comics, Betty was "the daily" J Jonathan Jameson's secretary.

In Sam's "Spider Man" trilogy, Betty was played by Elizabeth Banks.

Interestingly, in the manga, Betty fell in love with Peter and found that he liked Liz.

So in the following days, Betty fell in love with Peter's childhood friend Ned.

14. from the tech house to the teacher

Lead the students to attend the ten decathlon teacher played by Martin Starr, who appeared in the Incredible Hulk [in], and also played Dr barnett.

Dr. banner was played by Edwward Norton, and Mark Ruflo.

In the Incredible Hulk Norton [], persuaded Starr to use the computer in the University of Colvin, Starr was also an impressive smile.

But at that time in the movie did not mention his name, the fans think he later graduated from the University of science and technology, and a house into a high school teacher, his name is called the Amadeus - autumn.