Where did Daddy go to 5? Why did Wu Chun get a mosaic?

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Where did Daddy go to 5? Why did Wu Chun get a mosaic?

2017-09-17 20:12:35 1085 ℃

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"Daddy where to go" 5 recently strong regression, again has the star family to bring own baby to appear in front of everybody! Wu Chun, the guest of this issue, has attracted everyone's attention since he is already a father of two.

In the first stage, Wu Chun with the baby in bed, the baby is talking with his mother on the cell phone, Wu Chun has been sitting next to.

Wu Chun was wearing shorts because he was getting ready for the rest of the summer. But the careful net friend discovered that, Wu Chun's leg not only white, why also has the looming mosaic!

Take a picture that can be seen more clearly: Wu Chun's legs are not white, but have a mosaic on them! Many netizens begin to be curious, why is this? Is it because of your legs? The hole certainly didn't convince everyone, so I went to see Wu Chun's legs!

You can see the airport before Wu Chun figure, he was hit on the mosaic of the site has a large area of tattoo. According to fans broke the news, his right leg pattern is Jordan's "flying trapeze" totem. Very handsome.

In other picture I am looking for Wu Chun, the tattoo on his arm and he has 2 tattoos on right arm, the 1 is covered with green vines and red blood chains, the other 1 is the sword, are before the outside reading lines.

Comparison of "Daddy where the 5" the official figure, Wu Chun always wore on the show can cover the arm tattoo T-shirt, but the official picture had declared a little. It looks like Wu Chun and his program team are working hard to hide their tattoos! The misunderstanding is not to look at the legs of users, it can be said that very cute.

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