Yang Mi called "God to brother" were shelling is she is not polite or not confident fans?

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Yang Mi called "God to brother" were shelling is she is not polite or not confident fans?

2017-09-18 09:29:46 680 ℃

Text / Mango Jun

In September this year, the entertainment was tearing circle constantly, first Zhou Jie trial years, in response to the tongue event, Li Yutong broke Joker black history, and now the providential hand tore Yang Mi fans. Busy again and again, eating melons, the masses see too much.

So how did Yang Mi get dragged into the water? The reason is that in the latest issue of "tomorrow", hair is not easy to find when God help the guests to sing in the choir, a song "rich". When Yang Mi comments, she cried: "God bless Michael brother", the name for God bless fans instantly fried, says Yang Mi didn't know how to respect people.

In fact, Yang Mi said "brother Michael" before a pause for a few seconds, may be temporary not think providential name, so they shouted "brother michael". Such a call itself is not malicious, not derogatory, Yang Mi may not realize this is not good, but compared to other people called Yang Mi, this is not enough attention is true.

Michael as a cultural model, has been plagued by criticism, because not recognized by the mainstream media, and even considered vulgar culture, I believe that most of the adult people to sniff at.

Of course, this is not to deny to this culture, this is a simple discussion of providential fans, this Yang Mi this "Michael brother", they think of providential insult. Why is it called a "brother Michael" is the lack of respect for people? God I really depend on to fame, a "brother Michael" call, had so many fans also have abnormal providential restlessness, netizens think, this shows their heart also to underestimate, they think that God's strength has been enough to gain a foothold in the entertainment circle, so will feel "to can't help brother" is a derogatory term. In fact, on behalf of the value in the mainstream entertainment God is really just to send.

Although Li Tianyou has been a lot of criticism along the way, but his history of change is actually quite inspirational. Li Tianyou dropped out of school before graduating from high school, but was sent to vocational school by his parents, but he didn't read it at last. After Li Tianyou sold skewers, and shift over the second-hand car, a billiard hall, also made the Internet cafe cashier. So it seems that Li Tianyou's life is like this, but the anchor has changed his destiny.

It is said that the chance to hear a providential CD, feel very handsome, and then just broke up, then out of a work called "the women you listen", to appeal to boredom. When the work was released, it exploded in the network, and even he did not know why it was burning. But this soon, let God do the anchor slowly, from Li Tianyou to MC..