The Golden Rooster Award, Fan Bingbing's best female audience, Yan Ni's face lit up

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The Golden Rooster Award, Fan Bingbing's best female audience, Yan Ni's face lit up

2017-09-18 18:31:44 285 ℃

Fan Bingbing with a "I am not Pan Jinlian", the winning prize is really quite a lot, ah, Golden Horse Award is the best female, but also the best actress in the Asian Film awards.

A few days ago, with this film, and took the Golden Rooster Award of the best female, can be said to be quite happy, when the podium to receive the prize, the excitement is too fast to hold the elegant.

Because that day was Bing Bing's birthday, so when Li Chen came up and hugged her and congratulated her, Bing Bing still showed Li Chen the table. What: "I don't want the stars in the sky. I just want happiness on earth.". Thank you, Mr. Li, for coming to my birthday today." This is happy to forget yourself.

However, the platform is a joy, but also accompanied by romance is correct, but the stage seems to play better than the table ah ~!

When the host announced that Fan Bingbing had been awarded the best hostess, the audience's expression was rather interesting, and Yan Ni was a little surprised.

Followed by awkward and polite smile, patting the palm of the hand

In fact, no wonder Yan Ni's facial expression is a bit complicated. Before the announcement of the Golden Rooster Award for best actress, the host is exaggerating the beauty of Yan Ni.

Yan Ni under the table was also teased to laugh, opened the flowers, it seems that the hearts of this award has begun to look forward to

Finally, the final prize was Fan Bingbing, you can imagine how strong this embarrassing.

Moreover, Fan Bingbing seems to have long been aware of their award, before reading out her name, the phone quietly to Li Chen, prepared in advance.

The play can be said to be quite without knowing how polite it is.

But it is by no means an expression of Yan Ni's mind intriguing, Yu Hewei and Yuan Li around her, this expression meaning reading comprehension problem, I'm afraid it is worth reading, mining ah!

Yu Hewei tilted his head, revealing a honey smile,

Yuan Li also tilted his head to the expressionless stand.

In other words, the three should be regarded as actors in the circle of relatively true skills of the older generation, and perhaps in Yan Ni's oolong, and then look at Fan Bingbing to take the best female, the older generation of hearts a little psychological activities?

However, no matter how these predecessors see, Fan Bingbing is really ushered in the peak of life.

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