"That bloom on a perfect circle" Zhao Baishi love Zhou Ying? Wu Yi HanHen has framed Zhou Ying.

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"That bloom on a perfect circle" Zhao Baishi love Zhou Ying? Wu Yi HanHen has framed Zhou Ying.

2017-09-18 18:36:47 664 ℃

"My love is the greatest hero in the world, one day he will be wearing JINJIAWANG cloth, driving a colorful auspicious clouds to marry me...... I guess the beginning, guess the ending."

In September 15th, Wu Yi as the actress has Qi in the social platform wrote in "that bloom on a perfect circle", suggesting that his back because in love with Zhao Baishi, and to the Zhou Ying blackening the.

Netizens have to have Yi sister message: I believe you are blinded by people stirred up. I know you're being bewitched by Du Mingli (Yu Haoming).

And the role of Yi sister, Zeng Qi, because of the heavy burden and play the Zhao Baishi line of emotion, so recently often and a long face on micro-blog interactive.

For example, it said, director Ding Hei said, he played Zhao Baishi is a monk, always nagging.

On the surface, Ding Hei seems to be criticizing, but in fact it is a recognition and a good performance.

In recent months that bloom "circle", is the Zhao Baishi suddenly found themselves do not know what time should have Zhou Ying deeply in the heart tangled, helpless and affectionate, most incisive performance. Beijing Dance Academy is a special teaching performance teacher ah.

In the "circle" that bloom month's biography, the definition of Zhao Baishi is clear [] in the Shi, Zhong; further explanation is: "people love her life as a poor but honest person, untitled. The vicissitudes of life change shadow power, turn around and see the country segregation."

Sun Li has played Zhou Ying, Zhou Ying is already married Wu Jiadong Wu hired hospital housewife, because want to Wu Pinqiu medicine, and in the street to help foreigners missionaries busy, Zhao Baishi saw Zhou Ying and Zhou Ying of missionary lalacheche first impression - it gives treason and heresy.

In the eyes of Zhao Baishi, Zhou Ying is from the contractors, representatives do not keep the women, especially in the week when Ying him and all the people, in court on, also pro Wu hired (played by Peter Ho) a, Zhao adults is simply not seeing.

Nevertheless, the impartiality of the Zhao Baishi, or the week to Wu ying. Even later, Wu engaged to die,

Zhou Ying's mother because Zhou Ying stole their money out of business, and the Zhou Ying court, Zhao adults hit Zhou Ying three board, Zhao Baishi is still in the crook Zhou Ying:

"You're all the daughter-in-law, should be closed two step, this is the so-called woman boudoir woman, without justice."

Zhou Ying two kidnapped, Zhao Baishi from the first single handedly to save, and finally mistakenly saved Wu Yi,

The second week was three Ying Shou for kidnapping, Zhao Baishi will mutiny obsession to save Zhou Ying, by this time, you will see that Zhou Ying has always stood behind her a justice, Shen Zhang Zhengyi, Zhao Baishi and silent care.

And Zhao Baishi, after realizing his love for Zhou stone, did not intend to export.

This bear character, can play Zhao Baishi and Ren is very different.

Graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy has also once trained, with a resume photos, knocking on the door of the crew, had numerous cold-shoulder treatment he finally found Zhao Baogang simply direct Showdown: "I want to be famous", "the director you sign me", so naked expression let Zhao Baogang director temper at that time, Zhao, Tong Dawei, Ma Yili, director is shooting Wang Luodan, Li Xiaolu starred in the "struggle", Zhao guide angrily long way: "I told you to do a director for 25 years of experience, you can't play the game, you simply can't be an actor, you go home."

Probably because Zhao Baogang directed a stimulus, a long way to go, but later in the performing arts on the road farther and farther away.

"The young doctor", he played Cheng Jun, "Beijing youth", he grew up listening to their parents, excellent academic department of orthopedics doctor Jose Zhang Li, and the famous screen couple, is as warm man, always give people a sense of security to mature and stable. Even later on "we love each other" love reality show, Ruby Lin by all kinds of rejection, a long task, but also a pair of good temper without pick.

We wish him to protect Zhou Ying in the "circle" in the month that bloom in the movie, to climb the peak in the entertainment business.