Fan Bingbing Li Chen finished 100 million of the value of the sea view room, poor I cry out

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Fan Bingbing Li Chen finished 100 million of the value of the sea view room, poor I cry out

2017-09-26 13:03:49 1142 ℃

Li Chen said to marry Fan Bingbing, should be the most bloody September hi Pu Ben news, love married two years, let everybody not to envy.

However, their secret wedding to real, only said, come to an end.

But the prospect is certain. Today the news, the couple went to Fan Bingbing's home in Qingdao propaganda film "hunting" so there is space, media to take both parents Fan Bingbing and Li Chen met in Qingdao to discuss the wedding, is maybe.

After the event, the two returned to the luxury villas in Huangdao district.

At noon on the second day, Li Chen, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen's father came out of the villa to get on the bus and went to visit Fan Bingbing's parents.

Li Chen also whole hands up, for Fan Bingbing blocking the sun, can be said to be intimate 100 points.

While the media photographed Fan Bingbing Li Chen villa, is the Qingdao sea Lalu manor, a luxury villa area.

The geographical position in Huangdao District Xuejiadao Zhang Tun mouth, direct disdain for the vast expanse of the the Yellow Sea, really, really Ocean View Villa.

Behind that big red building is the Lalu Hotel, the first seven star hotel in china.

And in front of a light colored one, one is a single family villa, one of which is probably Li Chen, Fan Bingbing's home.

Hai Zi's sentence, "facing the sea with spring flowers" is what kind of experience, the friends living in this villa area should be very qualified to answer this question.

A little closer, the villa area is a small, hidden building built on this tiny peninsula,

A multimillionaire chic courtyard here, and a row of two houses, it is to ensure that every one facing the sea, gentlemen, poverty is really limited imagination orange Jun.

Each villa has an area of several hundred square meters, including two living rooms, as well as the living room, independent cloakroom, make-up room, sauna.

There are Po online villa in the room silhouette, but I do not know whether every family is exactly the same, but you can analogy.

The balcony of the house is 180 degrees invincible sea view, from the sea is only one meter, one meter, one meter.

So close to the sea, it may be very wet, but what's the matter? Maybe there will be a lot of dehumidifiers in their homes.

The living room is directly located on the sea. This is probably Maldives in china.

Each family, as well as its own invincible outdoor swimming pool.

The poor man orange just wants to lie down and cry.

In fact, this sea view manor and Fan Bingbing's origins are very deep, Li Chen, Fan Bingbing's permanent variety "Challenger League" was recorded here.

Moreover, Fan Bingbing from the beginning of 2012, as the spokesman of the Lalu hotel.

The commercials are quite artistic, too.

Last year, eight Po also had Fan Bingbing and Li Chen purchased the nest in Qingdao, December 2015 purchase, is the location of Lalu manor house.

Of course, the house is not priced for ordinary people to digest -

In 2014, the Ocean View Villa was priced at 60 million to 120 million, and the beach floor villas were priced from $50 million to $35 million.

However, orange Jun did not find the current house prices, only double shot is also possible.