Baoqiang Wang because she almost died, EQ is too low to 10 this is her boyfriend, Wu Jing!

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Baoqiang Wang because she almost died, EQ is too low to 10 this is her boyfriend, Wu Jing!

2017-09-26 13:05:02 698 ℃

She is a very popular entertainment star, but Baoqiang Wang but because she almost died. Her intelligence quotient is very high, was accepted by Harvard, but the EQ is too low, so far has made 10 boyfriends, now popular Wu Jing has become her pain, she is Michelle Ye.

Michelle Ye was a native of Zhejiang, Jiangsu. He grew up with his father and grew up. He was also a famous American lawyer. Michelle Ye's grandparents are also the retired teachers of a college in Zhejiang. She is a noble and noble girl, and she is also a big girl.

But Michelle Ye didn't show off his family background, and he was very sensible and frugal. Michelle Ye's parents were divorced when Michelle Ye was 9 years old. After Michelle Ye was brought up by his father, he was sent to America to study at the age of 10. However, she was very talented, the day after tomorrow is also very hard, excellent academic performance, but also by the United States, Harvard and other famous universities scrambling to invite. During her college days, Michelle Ye took part in the Miss selection contest in Hongkong, and received some awards for her dignified and polite manners. Michelle Ye entered the performing arts is not an accident, or personally invited by the chairman of the Hongkong television media personally signed formal contract, began to officially enter the performing arts circle, really all the way along, so many people envy.

Michelle Ye's acting was very high. He also played a lot of roles. He played many roles and left a lot of classics. But the most important thing to say is that Baoqiang Wang and Michelle Ye have made movies together, and the two are very good friends. When two people in a movie, in the film there is a shot of Baoqiang Wang by Michelle Ye kick down the straight body, really not what protection, it is possible to estimate Baoqiang Wang after the break.

It happened in 2010, Michelle Ye starred in the movie "the fight" Cai LIFO fist, and Kung Fu Kid Baoqiang Wang picture, Michelle Ye had played a master of Sanda, two people meet on the battle, but accidentally referred directly to Baoqiang Wang's body, after watching the audience have said the more pain.

Filming, shooting, life to life. Privately, two people are very good, really like a man, sometimes two people take intimate drama, can not help but laugh, really is iron.

Michelle Ye and contacts for more than a year of silent, there have been some funny things, when Michelle Ye also drying out two people chat record, but the exposure of boyfriend name is surprising. She remarks to her boyfriend: "the most beloved chicken, chicken, a big baby," it did not take long to delete. After that, she said to her boyfriend, "that's a good way to delete and hide," he said. "It's really a very low eq.".

Michelle Ye and a total of 10 exchanges boyfriend, including celebrities, Group executives, dafuhao, host, two rich generation etc.. But the ten boyfriend did not insist on how long it would end. Michelle Ye and Zhang Mo dating, or a relatively long time, in two years time. When Michelle Ye and Zhang Mo broke up, they fell in love with Wu Jingzheng. And Wu Jing is very nice to her and takes good care of her life. Every time she plays Wu Jing, she sends her in person. But eventually broke up, now Wu Jing has had a very happy family. Wu Jing, too, has become famous for a film, and now Michelle Ye is very sorry.