Shiou broke the news Alyssa Chia true height: she is really one meter five only

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Shiou broke the news Alyssa Chia true height: she is really one meter five only

2017-09-28 18:39:25 446 ℃

Alyssa Chia, Shiou

Entertainment actress height has always been a mystery, known as the ancient goddess Alyssa Chia is no exception, although a lot of information is 160cm, but in Shenzhen TV recording light fat milk drinks black "the Amazing Race 4", but was husband Shiou revealed, "she really false height, she is really a five meters."

In the original "rainforest trampoline" which is a challenging task, Alyssa Chia with the trampoline snatch suspended in the air by the flag, frequently battle has repeatedly failed, not the flag height is set too high, because the flag height is according to the player's height is determined, thus, Alyssa Chia thoroughly exposed the height of the short board, called: "jump good difficult, how the material side of Shiou straight up the knife," you really have to say five meters, 10 centimeters lower." Alyssa Chia immediately give her husband a supercilious look, wry smile, retorted: "I really, honestly say 1 meters 59999."...... He sent 0.00001 ", but with some laughing himself.

At the height of this issue, see armour couple in the mutual black road gone for ever, Wang Likun also immediately do squat, joined than short war, "I'm only two meters, the car did not buy a ticket, this is to let Alyssa Chia make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks real height is blurred pushuo.

Alyssa Chia

In fact, just start the show, put on shoes Alyssa Chia and Shiou stood together in the most adorable height difference, so many people exclaim that Alyssa Chia and her husband was so much worse". In a photo, sharp eyed netizens also found Alyssa Chia careful machine stood on tiptoe, although he cannot win husband, but no less domineering.

Just last month, Alyssa Chia's daughter, a photo in the Indus sister update social accounts, notably, although only 12 years old just graduated from the Indus sister primary school, has been with the mother height is high, again triggering speculation for Alyssa Chia true height.

High Yan but with costume goddess value, and the pain she loves her husband, and three cute girls, no matter how tall is Alyssa Chia, already became recognized as a living life, "the amazing race" in the strong competition program in performance is also commendable, burst "superwoman" energy it is so many friends to sit up and take notice of her. It is understood that this Friday evening 22:00, Shenzhen TV light fat drinks black milk "the amazing race" in 4, Alyssa Chia also staged a thrilling "flight show", it is worth looking forward to!