Sheenah Zhang Jie is happy to see pregnant hair candy, Zhu Danchan's "poor husband" was not the sun shine?

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Sheenah Zhang Jie is happy to see pregnant hair candy, Zhu Danchan's "poor husband" was not the sun shine?

2017-09-28 18:41:00 500 ℃

Today, the 36 year old Zhu Dan in micro-blog drying out her little feet photos, and with the text said: we welcome you, baby, to share the good news to all her daughter coming.

From this point of view, drying out the baby's small feet or small hands, has been the entertainment star who announced a baby to a way, here congratulations Zhu Dan.

Have to say, recent entertainment in the wedding is really a lot, a few days ago Zhang Jiecai in micro-blog publicly released Sheenah pregnant news, here Zhu Dan greeted his little princess. It was Zhang Jie and Sheenah also received from half an entertainment blessing, and father Zhang Jie also very excited, even at the rehearsal, Zhang Jie is a great mood to the program group staff send chocolate candy, happy to share.

Of course, accompanied by Zhu Dan in micro-blog drying out her daughter's little foot photos, there are also many netizens ran to watch Zhu Dan husband Yiwei Zhou's micro-blog. As for Zhu Dan's daughter, Yiwei Zhou did not bask in her daughter's picture, but instead released a smiling face at micro-blog, which contrasted sharply with Zhang Jie's attitude.

In this regard, there are also friends to Yiwei Zhou message: "why has been so implicit, we do not mind you straightforward.".

In fact, since 2013, the media exposed Yiwei Zhou and Zhu Dan together after the screen, in addition to Zhu Dan occasionally in micro-blog drying out with Yiwei Zhou pictures, Yiwei Zhou rarely show affection in micro-blog. Even for a period of time, the two were exposed only together, but will not receive the marriage certificate news.

The reason for such a low-key Yiwei Zhou, the netizen said: compared to Yiwei Zhou Zhu Dan's fame in the entertainment circle is much smaller, although Zhu Dan is married to marry him, but for Yiwei Zhou may not want to take the romance between them after all the hype, if a big show of affection, will there really be friends stand up and said he was rubbing Zhu Dan heat, affect the feelings between two people.

Indeed, since Yiwei Zhou and Zhu Dan have been together, many media have called Zhu Dan less famous than Yiwei Zhou as "poor boy"". But, as some netizens say, "Zhu Dan married love, what a poor boy, love is priceless."". In short, everyone has his own way of expressing his love, wishing the Zhu Dan family three more and more happy.

How do you like Yiwei Zhou?