Sun Li said Zhao Liying called Bitch singing, this year she still sell upright people?

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Sun Li said Zhao Liying called Bitch singing, this year she still sell upright people?

2017-09-29 10:57:01 419 ℃

Little bitch Bei ~ good evening ~ PA ye before opening grilled today. Want to ask the little bitch Bei a question: in life, you are most afraid of what kind of friends?

This question is very important and it has a lot to do with today's content, because the man who is talking to today is Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin from the debut is a more robust image, but also because of this reason, people usually eat melons that Jiang Xin is an honest and upright image.

I think Jiang Xin is very honest and very upright, but the upright but caused her a lot of thing, said she is silly sister also is not an exaggeration.

As for Jiang Xin, the lamb will have to cut the steak bit by bit.

Remember when filming the "Ode to joy", Jiang Xin and Liu Tao are famous sisters, two people not only with the same bag, often photographed together, they seem to have a CP party, called "Tao Xin combination".

But the good times don't last long Jiang Xin soon, because of their low EQ, and he lost a good friend.

It was at the end of last year, before the famous dog Zhuo Wei broke the news, said a famous wife to sleep with producers, and married men play the main field.

Focus: a martial arts drama, micro-blog exchanges, the husband circle outsiders, nearly two years, more works.

As soon as the four clues came out, Liu Tao's voice was the biggest, while the married actor was locked up for Hu Jun.

This is not what the new material, about Hu Jun and Liu Tao things, in fact, after the two co - operation "dragon eight" after, it has been passed for many years, but also do not know how the Zhuo Wei suddenly remembered.

Because this gossip has been passed for many years, so in the beginning, eating melon people's interest is not high, and discussion of the decline is particularly fast.

So you say, Jiang Xin, this is not a little help?

From then on the relationship between Jiang Xin and Liu Tao seems to be light, although Liu Tao said "we are good sisters, but in the bazaar charity night that night on the same stage, it has exposed a lot of problems.

Hong Kong really, grilled ye, if it is Liu Tao will be angry, but to see Jiang Xin alone in the stage alone, or a little distressed.

But if Jiang Xin would engage in such a thing, netizens will not say she has low EQ, she carefully calculate the wrong thing pretty much.

Jiang Xin had already had an affair before, who was behind Liu Tao.

When the new year, Zhao Liying is singing in the new year's party, someone sent a video of Zhao Liying, said Zhao Liying was not lip synching.

It was Zhao Liying's video. It wasn't about Jiang Xin, but Jiang Xin didn't know how to find the micro-blog.

Not only that, she also commented on, and that Zhao Liying is a comment from the side of the lip synching.

Although the feeling, Jiang Xin is in the maintenance of Zhao Liying, but this is really how to listen to feel uncomfortable ah...

In October last year, there was another thing that fans had a crush on. The idol wanted to go to his city. The fans definitely wanted to pick up the bus, and they would send some small presents.

As a result, news reports said Jiang Xin was ugly and refused to give Jiang Xin a present from his fans...

Artists do not accept fans gift is to be exaggerated, referring to the power of power, Jiang Xin, if this is the reason for rejection, this reason is too much hurt fans heart.

There is a red "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "The Legend of Zhen Huan" crew to record "happy camp", the Jiang Xin Hua Fei pet phrase is "you", we all know this mean slave girl.

But show ah, not filming, Jiang Xin gave Sun Li a "mean slave girl in the field, also let the audience is not the love.

Sun Li Jiang Xin had Tucao this bad habit, said he was Jiang Xinma, people will say "Bitch is hypocritical," do not understand her curse or curse Zhen Huan Sun Li himself.

Actor representative works, need representative work to help yourself accumulate popularity is very normal thing, but Hua Fei's line should not just say to Sun Li, ah, it is easy to be misunderstood.

Even worse, Jiang Xin was once given a cell phone shell, Jiang Xin was particularly happy to take pictures of micro-blog.

And the word on the mobile phone shell is impressively "Zhenhuan is a bitch", the person who delivers the cellular phone shell really is again harmed Jiang Xin once.

Talked to Jiang Xin today because he saw one of her videos.

Ask her the three best people to see in "we're here", she said, Rosamund Kwan, Victoria Song and Michelle Chen.

Ask her character's person she likes best, and her answer is the same.

After I finished reading, I was shocked. This question is not to answer whose name. Will it offend the others? Might as well be a "shut sister", at least other people dare not provoke.

I like Jiang Xin very much, but I also can see that she is really silly, what to say and what to say, but I want to go further in the entertainment world. Jiang Xinzhen should pay attention to the problem of speaking.

Generally speaking, at this time, the very high emotional quotient of fairy fairies to help pick up ye ye praise, so you come?