Liu Haoran's birthday, Liyan Tong said a word, we all cried

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Liu Haoran's birthday, Liyan Tong said a word, we all cried

2017-10-11 09:10:09 975 ℃

Early this morning, the child Liu Haoran Bo even more celebrated his twenty birthday: "two word, a new journey"

And with three fan angle self portraits, for everyone to enjoy ~!

The naughty cute Liu Haoran laugh a lot of friends, we have to refresh the message: "Happy birthday!!"

Micro-blog has just issued soon, Liyan Tong immediately sent micro-blog celebrating the birthday of Liu Haoran: "suddenly, young boy has become a young spark, wish you can have the best tomorrow, can become their most love, refueling!"
Between the lines full of sister's brother's blessings and expectations, so that people moved

In the early years, Liyan Tong set up a personal studio, began to sign artists as the boss, and then signed Liu Haoran. Planning his acting career, advertising, drama, variety shows non-stop.

The study period before Liu Haoran blew in an interview when the head teacher is Liyan Tong's classmate, in the school even know ya ya wind sways grass, are not afraid of being wasteful money parents know haha

Liyan Tong is said to have had a close brother and died because of illness, while his younger brother looks like Liu Haoran, so Liyan Tong has always been good to his younger brother, Liu Haoran

No wonder in the "two" at the beginning of the birthday of Liu Haoran, Yaya message so touching, the original is full of love.

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